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Green Energy’s Hidden Eagle Slaughter

By Jim Wiegand -- April 19, 2022

“It’s hard to imagine and even harder to stomach, but more than 60,000 eagle carcasses have secretly shipped to this repository, with no cause of death or origin given…. Since 1997, nobody involved with wind energy and its eagle carcasses, has been allowed to disclose the truth.”

“America’s silenced USFWS agents know exactly what’s taking place because they process and arrange FedEx overnight shipping for nearly all the eagle carcasses shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository.”

Recently an American wind energy company pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges after at least 150 eagles were killed since 2012.  The company has agreed to spend as much as $27 million on efforts to prevent more deaths.

What good are these millions? Except for shutting down turbines, there is no way to prevent eagle deaths from wind blades.…

Bald Eagle ‘Takings’: Biden’s Interior Department Protects Big Wind

By Jim Wiegand -- March 2, 2022

“Where are the true environmentalists in this debate? Sierra Club …. Natural Resources Defense Council? The bird groups are even suing on aviation mortality issues.”

America’s green energy push has been going on for decades. It never sleeps. And it is both anti-environmental and corrupt.

I have been writing about industrial wind’s “avian mortality” problem in California for years (see here and here). Particular carnage has been documented by the California Energy Commission at Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area. It has gotten so bad that the National Audubon Society recently filed suit against a proposed 80 MW wind facility there.

With biased research and imaginary population estimates, Big Wind wants to increase its bald eagle “take” in America. The previous limit set in 2016 was 4,200 bald eagles annually; Biden’s Department of Interior proposes to almost quadruple this to 15,832.…

Harvesting Eagles: Time for Honesty, Accuracy, and Policy Change (Part III)

By Jim Wiegand -- June 6, 2016

“Bald and golden eagles are protected by state and federal laws. Slaughtering eagles is illegal, and nothing is ‘incidental’ or ‘unavoidable’ when it comes to enormous wind turbines.”

“Creating a vast imaginary population of eagles, avoiding true scientific research, falsely calculating an enormous, supposedly “sustainable” yearly harvest rate, and deliberately ignoring the huge eagle slaughter taking place around the wind farms really is fraud. The perpetrators should be prosecuted.”

[Editor note: This post completes Part I and Part II from last week.]

The word harvest connotes the reaping of editable crops to sustain humanity. As used by the Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), “harvesting” is the killing of one of our most iconic species, one of our most magnificent raptors, by the “grim reaper” wind turbines.

Turbines supply some of our most expensive, unreliable, and heavily subsidized electricity, under blanket exemptions from the Endangered Species Act and other environmental laws that are applied with unflinching severity to virtually every other industry. …

Harvesting Eagles: Time for Honesty, Accuracy, and Policy Change (Part II)

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