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Coal Ash Regulation: Another Front on the 'War Against Coal'

By Lance Brown -- April 16, 2012

“For three years the Environmental Protection Agency has imposed a de facto ban on new coal-fired power while doing everything it can to harm existing coal plants.”

Killing Coal,” Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2012.

Unhappy with the speed of EPA regulation of coal combustion by-products, a number of environmental organizations recently filed a lawsuit to force EPA to finalize regulation of coal ash.

A natural byproduct of the combustion process for coal-fired power plants, coal ash is typically stored onsite at power plants or sold on the open market for use in the production of concrete and other materials. In 2010, EPA proposed a pair of regulatory approaches for dealing with coal ash, but has to yet to decide how to regulate the material.

Nearly a dozen groups were party to the lawsuit, including the Sierra Club, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, and the Environmental Integrity Project.

1Q–2012 Activity Report: MasterResource

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 13, 2012

One thousand in-depth posts, 135 different contributors, and 1.2 million views to date–MasterResource has stature as a free-market movement-wide energy blog.

With 415 categories in our index, MasterResource is a lasting research tool, not only a day-to-day contribution to energy scholarship and current political debates. And we have achieved critical mass; ‘Google’ an energy-policy-related term along with MasterResource, and there we usually are!

Our content promises to stand the test of time. Our headlines do not have Stunner or Stunning as does a rival blog selling energy/climate alarmism. Our contributors are wed to reality, not to think-it-and-make-it-is-real and wish-it-and-it-can-happen postmodernism.

Wind Power Niche

One particular niche at MasterResource has been giving voice to the growing, articulate grassroot opposition to industrial wind parks. Such turbines generate a heavy environmental footprint, not only small, unreliable bursts of electricity.

'PC' Power Is Not Sustainable (and President Obama's "all-inclusive" energy policy is anything but!)

By Mary Kay Barton -- April 12, 2012

“Entitlement debt is destroying our great nation. These kinds of taxpayer- and ratepayer-funded giveaways, imposed in the name of being ‘green,’ are simply not sustainable – especially if we want our children and grandchildren to live free and prosper.”

President Obama’s mantra du jour for his 2012 campaign speeches is “all-inclusive” energy. But any business touting this version of “all-inclusive” would be prosecuted for false advertising.

When the President says “all-inclusive,” he means politically correct (PC) “green” energy (wind, solar and bio-fuels), and nothing that actually provides reliable, affordable power – especially not hydrocarbons. Another PC buzzword – “sustainable” – is right out of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Protocol and the President’s goal of “fundamentally transforming” America.

Increasing pain at the pump and the plug underscores the reality that Mr.

'Crony Capitalism and Energy Policy' Lecture at the U. of Rochester

By Michael Rizzo -- April 11, 2012

EPA's Proposed CO2 Rule for New Power Plants: Coal First, Then …

By James Rust -- April 10, 2012

Is the EPA Endangering Public Health and Welfare by Attempting to Mitigate Extreme Weather?

By Chip Knappenberger -- April 9, 2012

Fracking Good News: American Energy Stepping Up

By Steve Everley -- April 6, 2012

California Cap-and-Trade: Making Ourselves Poorer and 'Dirtier' (Part 2)

By Tom Tanton -- April 5, 2012

Misdirected Innovation: Environmentalist Taylor on Cap-and-Trade (Part I)

By Tom Tanton -- April 4, 2012

Why We Fight (Part II: 'A Free Market Energy Vision')

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 3, 2012