China Coal: Reuters’ “weird climate logic”

By Ed Ireland -- September 21, 2023 No Comments

“According to Reuters, China is justified in burning massive amounts of coal because it uses some of that electricity to charge EVs, enabling it to reduce its crude oil imports, which is even more evil than coal. The world, in other words, can continue to ignore the fact that China and the other countries in Asia emit more CO2 than the rest of the world combined.”

We are constantly told that burning coal must be eliminated because it contributes to climate change. Coal is so bad that the EPA has proposed rules that will force the closure of all U.S. coal-burning power plants, as well as natural gas generators by 2040, if not sooner. U.S. power grids are showing the effects of the early retirement of coal power generation plants, meanwhile, and grid operators are demanding that the EPA stop their proposed regulations.…

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Climate Futility at COP 25: The China Syndrome

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 5, 2019 3 Comments

The battle against dense, mineral energies is stymied because of a simple concept that the climate alarmists (including the mainstream media) do not want to comprehend: energy density.

Consumers want the best energies, while an intellectual/political elite scheme for and mandate inferior substitutes. And the crusade is further complicated because carbon dioxide (CO2) is the green greenhouse gas, hardly the satanic gas the anti-industrial Left wants to ban.

As energy density drives the world’s daily work, how are the climate crusaders responding? One major complaint concerns the frontal push of China to coal-fired generation.

Jennifer Layke of the World Resources Institute deals with the elephant in the room as follows:

As the world turns attention to the UN climate meetings this week, news from China has captured global headlines: From January 2018 to June 2019, the country added 43 gigawatts (GW) of net new coal power capacity to its existing 1,000 GW coal fleet, while the rest of the world collectively reduced coal capacity by 8 GW.

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CNN Report: China Proudly Going Coal (clean, new generation plants at forefront)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 22, 2019 5 Comments

Li Fulong, director of development planning of the National Energy Administration … stopped short of saying China would halt ongoing or future plant constructions. “We have developed clean and efficient coal-fired generating units, that have large capacity, high energy efficiency and low pollution emissions,” he said.

Not only is China’s funding of coal power stations domestically a problem, but a 2019 report … found that Chinese companies were helping or promising to finance at least one in four newly-constructed polluting plants globally. [below]

The article is titled “China struggling to kick its coal habit despite Beijing’s big climate pledges.” Authors David Culver, Lily Lee, and Ben Westcott add to the mainstream confirmation that China is business-as-usual when it comes to coal.

Green-washing by China–they do not want to exit from the Paris climate accord but game it for competitive advantage–seems to be enough for CNN and other pro-regulation outlets to just state the facts and move on.…

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China’s Coal Bi-Polarity Expedites the Death of the Paris Agreement

By Vijay Jayaraj -- June 20, 2019 8 Comments

The Paris agreement’s nosedive has been expedited by the growing skepticism about man-made global warming.

However, the most significant threat to the agreement has come from countries that refuse to quench their addiction to coal.  Among them is the largest consumer of coal: China.

China’s continued defiance of the anti-coal establishment has dealt a lethal blow to the future prospects of the Paris agreement. Here are some key indicators from China which suggest that the chance of a comeback for the Paris agreement is slim to none.

China’s Significance to the Paris Agreement

The Paris agreement is the United Nations’ flagship climate agreement that originally came into effect in 2015. Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the agreement served as the first blow to the agreement.…

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John Holdren on Trump’s Energy/Climate Armageddon (Part I: federal R&D, Paris withdrawal, China)

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China’s Coal-for-Coal Substitution (CERA’s Zhou explains what the US press does not)

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