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Argentinian Reform: Subsoil Privatization (Javier Milei, meet Guillermo Yeatts)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 30, 2023

“The case of Guillermo Yeatts for subsoil privatization should eclipse ‘climate change’ as the number one policy initiative of the 21st century. This friend of private property, free markets, the rule of law, and civil society, a successful entrepreneur in his own right, a thinker and doer, has set up an excellent opportunity for a new political era in his beloved Argentina.”

Give me liberty, not corruption and poverty! The recent election of Javier Milei of La Libertad Avanza (Liberty Advances) in Argentina was a resounding vote for freedom and prosperity. And don’t let the mainstream media marginalize him (“frequent conservative provocateur” … “far-right libertarian rants” ….). He has a grand opportunity to enact a national “social justice” that could be a model for many other nations in Latin and South America and in other regions of the world.…

Al Gore’s 10-Year Deadline (5 years ago …)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 29, 2023

“Today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years…. the future of human civilization is at stake.”

“Scientists have warned that there is now a 75 percent chance that within five years the entire [North Pole] ice cap will completely disappear during the summer months.”

He said it. And he was wrong. Al ‘Doom-and-Gloom’ Gore, the great climate exaggerator, has been at it since James Hansen’s testimony 35-years ago, his Washington Post op-ed in 1989 (yesterday’s post), and his book Earth in the Balance (1992). And yet this man is the Godfather of COP28 this week in Dubai, the link from the past to the present. John Kerry may do Al’s bidding, but Al himself is depressed over the prospects of the two-week CO2-rich confab.…

Al Gore Ghosts Dubai 2023 with 1989 Alarm (What’s New, Pussycat?)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 28, 2023

“The global environment crisis may demand responses that are comparatively radical…. It will call for … a Strategic Environment Initiative.” (Al Gore, 1989)

Al Gore might be the the slickest of the 70,000 expected at the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties (COP28) climate meeting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30th until December 12, 2023. Gore is the world’s #1 climate barker–and has made tens of millions of dollars from his “crisis.” He has one of the highest CO2 footprints on the globe … but he is different, you know.

So what’s new with Al Gore’s pitch? Not much. His crisis in the 1980s is still the crisis of 2023. We are in a “planetary emergency.” We are almost out of time. There is hope with a new energy future….…

“Wartime” Climate Policy vs. Natural Gas: Biden Gets Desperate

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#m_krebs">Mark Krebs</a> -- November 27, 2023

Thanksgiving 2023

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 23, 2023

Some Climategate Recollections (14th Anniversary)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 22, 2023

California’s Electric Truck Mandate: 19 States Sue

By Steve Goreham -- November 21, 2023

Energy and Environmental Review: November 20, 2023

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#john-droz">John Droz, Jr.</a> -- November 20, 2023

“Global Warming: A Dialogue” (Adler’s Judicial Activism Considered)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 16, 2023

Adler on Bradley: A Response

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 15, 2023