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Geoengineering: New Area for the Climate Industrial Complex?

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 28, 2023

“There are substantial environmental, technical, and cost challenges in using carbon dioxide removal (CDR) at the scale needed to significantly reduce global warming…. [that make it] unlikely that CDR could be implemented rapidly enough or at sufficient scale to entirely avoid dangerous levels of climate warming in the near term.” (Pro, public letter, February 27, 2023)

“The speculative possibility of future solar geoengineering risks becoming a powerful argument for industry lobbyists, climate denialists, and some governments to delay decarbonization policies.” (Con, open letter: January 17, 2022)

It is hard, contradictory, and hypocritical to be “green” as conventionally defined. I am reminded of a comment in the 1970s that noted “a general frustration generated by the energy crisis: every solution to the problem seems to create tremendous problems of its own.”…

Energy and Environmental Review: February 27, 2023

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#john-droz">John Droz, Jr.</a> -- February 27, 2023

Ed. note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Renewables (General):
***The Great Green Energy Transition Is Impossible
*** Why the intermittency problem can’t be solved
***Adequate Storage for Renewable Energy is Not Possible
*** Across the country, a big backlash to new renewables is mounting
*** The U.S. Has Billions for Wind and Solar Projects. Good Luck Plugging Them In.
*** Experts: California’s grid faces collapse as leaders push renewables, EVs
Bangladesh to increase coal power after renewable problems
Dispatchable Intermittent Renewables
Green Energy: Greatest Wealth Transfer to the Rich in History

Wind Energy— Offshore:
*** Thar She Blows
*** CFACT/Heartland Filing Against Dominion’s VA Offshore Project
Why Are Whales Dying Off the East Coast?

Chris Tomlinson (Houston Chronicle) in the Church of Climate

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 23, 2023

“’We fundamentally have to transform our economy in ways that are unimaginable to people who are over 40,’ Tomlinson said. ‘We have to cooperate, innovate and compromise, and most of all, we have to set aside our pride.’”

“[Tomlinson] said there is an unwillingness of pastors of all faiths to address climate change, knowing that many of their parishioners are involved in or invested in oil and gas.”

The Houston Chronicle business editorialist, Chris Tomlinson, is angry, impatient, and closed-minded when it comes to all things climate. A bona fide climate alarmist, he bullies the oil and gas industry to stop what they are doing. He wants Texans to stop eating meat to help save the planet. And he personally tells me in emails that I am not considered for his columns because I am critical about him (so be it).…

The ‘Energy Transition’: Learning and Retreat at BP

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#a_brooks">Allen Brooks</a> -- February 22, 2023

Green Energy: Greatest Wealth Transfer to the Rich in History

By Steve Goreham -- February 21, 2023

Still More Vogtle Nuclear Delays (how will it end?)

By Kennedy Maize -- February 20, 2023

Are Electricity ISOs/RTOs Government Central Planning?

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 17, 2023

A Texas Politician in Electricity (missing a chaired meeting with the PUCT)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 16, 2023

An Exchange with Michael Webber (UT- Austin) on the February 2021 Texas Blackouts

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- February 15, 2023

Gas Stoves: The Beloved Blue Flame is Just Better

By Mark Krebs and Tom Tanton -- February 14, 2023