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Surging New England Energy Prices: No Surprise

By Steve Goreham -- May 30, 2023

“New England home heating and electricity prices are on the rise with no end in sight. Consumers paid record high energy bills last winter, even though the winter was not unusually cold. Shortages of natural gas and green energy policies will drive New England prices higher and raise the chance of electricity blackouts.”

Residential energy bills in New England this year were the highest in history. The combination of electricity and natural gas heating bills exceeded $1,000 per month for an average-sized house in Massachusetts, even though winter temperatures in New England were warmer than average.

Eighty percent of homes in New England, which includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont, heat with fuels from oil and gas. The hydrocarbon fuel share of home heating is natural gas (39%), fuel oil and kerosene (33%), and propane or liquid petroleum gas (8%).…

Memorial Day 2023: Let’s Go!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 26, 2023

Get happy. Summer beckons. Not only bike and hike but also drive to a better environment–your self-selected environment. And once there, grill, baby, grill.


The automobile is environmentalism-on-wheels. The open road is freedom to escape the concrete for the great beyond. Mountains, rivers, hills, forests, even beautiful green golf courses–it is all a drive away. 

The old Marathon ads said it best …a full tank of freedom. And Shell: “Let’s Go!” And Exxon: “Happy Motoring!”

Don’t worry about the anti-travel crowd who fret about emissions of the trace greening gas, carbon dioxide. Forget the spin and go for a spin!


Each year, MasterResource celebrates the beginning of the peak-driving season knowing that our free-market philosophy is about energy abundance and affordability and reliability. There is so little to apologize for.…

Tomlinson on Texas Electricity: Houston Chronicle Editorialist in the Wrong Paradigm

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 25, 2023

“The Houston Chronicle (Hearst) refuses to answer the simple question: Have environmental groups donated funds, directly or indirectly, for “environmental education” or “environmental reporting” (climate alarmism/forced energy transformation)? Color me suspicious….”

When it comes to energy, Chris Tomlinson is about as anti-consumer and anti-taxpayer as one can get. And he is about as pro-industrial wind and pro-grid solar as possible.

The business editorialist does not see Texas’s $65 billion investment in parasitic, dilute, intermittent energies as the villain in destabilizing a once reliable, secure electric grid. He wants 1) more wind and solar; 2) enormous grid batteries, as if they were off-the-shelf and cheap; and 3) Big Brother demand-management in the home and business.

Chris Tomlinson is a committed climate alarmist without a care to doubt himself. He is unable to be neutral in his business columns: to present the best arguments on each side and let you, the reader, decide.…

EVs: Political Pushback (151 Republicans vs. Big Brother)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 24, 2023

“California’s Duck Curve Hits Record Lows”

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 23, 2023

Energy and Environmental Review: May 22, 2023

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#john-droz">John Droz, Jr.</a> -- May 22, 2023

Will Lynne Kiesling Show More Cards? (electricity in crisis, time for debate!)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 18, 2023

“Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ Fails Test of Time” (New York Times verdict in 2007)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 17, 2023

Dear Federal Government: Transparency on Wind and Whales, Please

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 16, 2023

Marine Mammal Deaths and Wind Power Development: Evidence Aplenty

By Sherri Lange -- May 15, 2023