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Playing the Fool: Obama's Heather Zichal Goes Hydrocarbon

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 8, 2012

Greenwire (Energy & Environmental News) ran a piece (excerpted below) that further portrays Obama faking hydrocarbon affection during a tough election year where jobs are scarce and natural gas is a leading job creator.

The article profiles Heather Zichal, Obama’s deputy assistant for energy and climate change, who has just started the job of building bridges between the Administration and the natural gas industry.

With the Administration’s environmental allies throwing natural gas under the bus, and going all out to stop drilling where natural economics dictates, the industry has learned its lesson about coalescing with the enemy.

OR, let’s hope so. After all, the industry holds the high ground in that

  1. Energy is the master resource.
  2. Consumers want oil and gas (and coal), not inferior substitutes such as ethanol, (on-grid) solar, and wind.