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'Offshore Oil Guide': Are You Ready for Some Real Free-market Jobs, Anyone Anywhere?

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 21, 2012

“Do you like to get a good pay and benefits without having to get a PHD?”

The Offshore Oil Guide (OOG) advertises itself as “the Premier Web Portal for finding offshore oil rig and marine job opportunities. This website was setup as a single access web portal to provide everything you need to know to find, apply and secure an offshore oil rig job.”

Currently on the OOG site, there are 28 countries with offshore job portals: USA, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Philippines, Peru, Pakistan, Oman, Norway, Nigeria, New Zealand, Mexico, Malaysia, Kuwait, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Brazil, Bahrain, Australia, and Argentina.…