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What's a Business to Do? (In search of heroic capitalism)

By MR Administrator -- January 17, 2011

[Editor note: This article first appeared in the October 2010 issue of Discovery, the quarterly newsletter of Koch Companies, Inc. This company’s values include an adherence to free-market capitalism, in opposition to political capitalism or rent-seeking, currently the fashion at a number of major U.S. corporations. (Also see “The Future of  Economic Freedom“). ]

We live in an era when many people–including policymakers and media celebrities–view businesses and corporations with disdain or intense suspicion. Their way of thinking begs a simple question: What is the primary role of business?

Is it to create jobs and provide benefits?  Help advance a social agenda?  Or just to make as much money as possible, by exploiting customers and employees?

As a matter of principle, Koch companies believe there is only one reason for any business to exist: creating value.…