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Is Neo-Malthusianism Halloween Crazy?

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 31, 2011

“We created a way of raising standards of living that we can’t possibly pass on to our children. It has to collapse, unless adults stand up and say, ‘This is a Ponzi scheme. We have not generated real wealth, and we are destroying a livable climate.’”

     – Joe Romm, quoted in Thomas Friedman, Is the Inflection Point Near?, New York Times, March 7, 2009.

“Is there any more single-minded, simple pleasure than viewing with alarm? At times it is even better than sex.”

    —Kenneth Boulding (1970), p. 160. [1]

I know…. We free-market optimists–and we ObamaCare, ObamaEnergy, etc. pessimists–are like the chap who jumps off the skyscraper and reports that everything is breezy on the way down.

But we have been jumping off buildings ever since Robert Thomas Malthus’s An Essay on Population was published in 1798.…

Fighting for Energy Freedom (my passion for a right, winning cause)

By Marita Noon -- October 28, 2011

It was five years ago that I began to become aware of energy and the importance of its role in everything. Now as a regular contributor/columnist for many online commentary sites and newspapers, as well as a regular guest on radio and TV programs, people often comment on my passion for the subject of energy. They wonder how I became so engaged in a topic few people even care about.

My newest book, my twentieth but the first in the current affairs genre, explains my passion. Energy Freedom attempts to present energy in such a way that it becomes a subject everyone is aware of, can understand, and wants to influence.


I do not come from an energy, science, or public policy background. I’ve spent my life in speaking and writing either as a communicator or a trainer of communicators.…

BEST as Bad: The Irrelevance of Richard Muller's Vaunted Proclamation (warming vs. catastrophe in a political atmosphere)

By E. Calvin Beisner -- October 27, 2011

[Ed. note: This post complements that of Ken Green earlier this week, Five Climate Questions for Richard Muller (Temperature findings begin, not end, the real debate)]

The recent announcement of the results of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) Project by project chairman Richard Muller has caused quite a stir. True believers in catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) have greeted it as the final nail in the coffin of dissent. Why? Because it concludes—take a deep breath, now—that “Global warming is real.”

Jumping to Conclusions

At the Washington Post, for example, opinion writer Eugene Robinson states:

For the clueless or cynical diehards who deny global warming, it’s getting awfully cold out there.

The latest icy blast of reality comes from an eminent scientist whom the climate-change skeptics once lauded as one of their own.

Smart Grid Wiseup: Google and Microsoft Quietly Exit (energy efficiency vs. the hassle factor)

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#robertmichaels">Robert Michaels</a> -- October 26, 2011

Debating Greenpeace on "Green Energy"

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#aepstein">Alex Epstein</a> -- October 25, 2011

Five Climate Questions for Richard Muller (Temperature findings begin, not end, the real debate)

By Kenneth P. Green -- October 24, 2011

MasterResource: 3Q-2011 Activity Report (million moment reached)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 21, 2011

"Rob Bradley at Enron" (for the record)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 20, 2011

The Deceit of Turbine Noise Models (collateral damage from government energy forcing)

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#llinowes">Lisa Linowes</a> -- October 19, 2011

Perry's Energy Speech: Part II (EPA vs. abundant energy)

By Vance Ginn -- October 18, 2011