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Debt-Deal Warnings for Energy Subsidies

By Gary Hunt -- August 9, 2011

[Gary Hunt, President of Scalable Growth Strategy Advisors, posts on energy issues at  his website, Zap! Crackle! Pop! Disruptive Technology, Global Competition and our Energy Future.]

The drama that raised the national debt ceiling without increasing taxes is sending warning shots across the bow for many industries.  The message for energy subsidies, including the tax credits and treasury tax grants for wind and solar, as well as tax credits for oil and gas companies, could not be clearer.  The gravy train is ending because the Government cannot afford it, and political realities won’t tolerate it much longer.

The debt deal did not cut renewable energy subsidies. But it set up a super committee of Congress that must produce $1.3 trillion in spending cuts by Thanksgiving.  This sets up a ruthless competition between all the special interest causes that now get subsidies or tax supported benefits.…