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A Malthusian Confronts Renewables (review of ‘Planet of the Humans’)

By Sherri Lange -- May 7, 2020

“Anti-mineral-energy Big Green has been hoisted by its own petard.”

“Solar and wind cannot replace fossil fuels. They are intermittent and always need to be backed up with non-renewable sources. In the case of solar and wind factories, the process of building, maintaining, and rapid replacement is overwhelmingly irresponsible, destructive, and short sighted.”

Ronald Reagan said back in 1964:

… anytime you and I question the schemes of the do-gooders, we’re denounced as being against their humanitarian goals. They say we’re always “against” things — we’re never “for” anything. Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Would you like to see a documentary chronicling “what isn’t so”? Check out the multi-million-view U-Tube sensation, Planet of the Humans by “equal opportunity offender” Michael Moore (with producer Jeff Gibbs).

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Houston Chronicle vs. Petroleum: The Latest

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 6, 2020

Oil “worthless”? Under this standard, the commercial airline and cruise industries are worthless, as are the people who can’t effectively work from home.

Normalcy is not the future the anti-oil Houston Chronicle wants to see, an extreme editorial position that combines Green New Deal advocacy with Trump Derangement Syndrome in an election year.

On Sunday April 26, the Editorial Board of the Houston Chronicle published “Remember the People Behind Industry; Put Those Working in Oil and Gas First, Above Free Market Ideology.” The lead Sunday op-ed was meant to soften up the entrepreneurs, politicians, and citizens of the oil capital of the nation and world.

The op-ed was bad, even offensive, penned by a monolithic editorial board (no conservatives or libertarians allowed) that is beholden to climate alarmism and government-forced energy transformation.

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Linowes on a 13th Extension of the Wind PTC (crony coronas exposed)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 5, 2020

Big wind does not have a COVID problem. It has a mismanagement problem.

[Chuck] Grassley is promoting the American Wind Energy Association’s bogus claim that COVID slowed the industry causing projects to delay into 2021. He is now asking the IRS to extend the four-year window by another year to allow MWs that started construction in 2016 to spill into 2021 and still earn 100% PTC.

– Lisa Linowes (below)

The Texas Business Coalition recently published an interview with the intrepid critic of government-enabled industrial wind power, Lisa Linowes. The TBC’s article, “Wind Energy Researcher: Don’t Extend Deadline for Wind Projects” (April 26. 2020), explains what Big Wind is after now under the guise of Pandemic policy.

The article follows in its entirety.

Six U.S. senators, citing the COVID-19 pandemic, have asked for “safe harbor” deadline extensions to assist renewable energy developers to meet construction deadlines and qualify for tax credits.

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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: May 4, 2020

By -- May 4, 2020
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Antitrust Protectionism: Domestic Independent Producers Charge “Dumping” against Oil Imports

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 30, 2020
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“Petroentrepreneurs” are Environmentalists Too (DEPA tribute rings true)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 29, 2020
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Robert Bryce: Guilty as Charged (DeSmog hit piece boomerangs)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 28, 2020
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Wind Power: Subsidy after Subsidy after Subsidy ….

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 27, 2020
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‘A Look at Resourceful Earth Day’ (Fred Smith Jr. on Julian Simon)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 23, 2020
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“Happy Earth Day” (Julian Simon’s 25th anniversary essay speaks to us on the 50th)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 22, 2020
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