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Carbon Tax Foolishness

By Donn Dears -- April 6, 2017

“… getting 195 countries to establish the same price on carbon would be an impossibility as each country would attempt to establish a price that would benefit itself in international trade.”

One could say two former Republican secretaries of state, Messrs. Baker and Shultz, are naive and badly informed. Their proposal for a carbon tax smacks of fools rushing in.

Their proposed carbon tax is part of a proposal by the Climate Leadership Council. This “carbon tax” is a tax on CO2 emissions, based on the supposed need to cut CO2 emissions to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Major Flaws

A “carbon tax” is fundamentally a bad proposal for several reasons.

First, Baker and Shultz propose to return a dividend to the poor, because it’s the poor who are hurt the most by any attempt to cut CO2 emissions.

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A Re-Look at ‘The Bet’ (Simon, Ehrlich, and Paul Sabin)

By Pierre Desrochers -- April 5, 2017

“Sadly, in Paul Sabin’s account, the main villain turns out to be the morally upstanding Simon who, fifteen years after his death, is blamed for creating policy logjams and fueling uncivil discourse. In the meantime, Paul Ehrlich keeps issuing ‘important warnings’ such as a recent prediction that humans might soon have to resort to cannibalism to survive the ecological apocalypse.”

The background and story of the famous bet between catastrophist biologist Paul R. Ehrlich and optimist economist Julian L. Simon was first told in some detail over twenty-five years ago by journalist John Tierney in the pages of the New York Times Magazine. The bet, ostensibly on the future prices of five commercially important metals – copper, chromium, nickel, tin, and tungsten – provided a platform upon which two opposing worldviews, that of Ehrlich’s depletionist catastrophism and Julian’s optimistic resourceship, confronted each other.

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RFF’s Climate Anger (intellectual pollution hazardous too)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 4, 2017

“America has a short list of truly shameful ‘days,’—among them the Dred Scott decision, the Trail of Tears, Japanese internment, and Abu Ghraib—most of them symbolic of a larger national moral failure. I hope I am wrong, but I fear that today will join that list.”

If all that [climate-policy-related] deregulation comes to pass, then I predict future generations will look back on today with particular scorn and shame.”

A single executive order might therefore seem unremarkable. But today’s action is significant….  At stake are the global economy, entire ecosystems, and the lives of millions—most of them not yet living. Those future generations will judge the authors of today’s policy harshly.”

– Nathan Richardson, “Trump’s Climate Executive Order Discards American Values.” Resources for the Future, March 28, 2017.

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On the Falsity of Climate Consensus: Judith Curry’s March 29, 2017, Testimony

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 3, 2017
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Climate Dereg: ‘Energy Independence AND Economic Growth’ (Trump’s EO of March 28, 2017)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 31, 2017
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Mike Lynch on Peak Oil–Part 2

By -- March 30, 2017
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Peak Oil: Not Just Wrong but Invalid

By -- March 29, 2017
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Michael Lynch Interview (new book reviews, refutes ‘Peak Oil’ scare)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 28, 2017
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Mitigation Math: Is Climate Activism Futile? (Judith Curry thinks so)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 27, 2017
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Lights On! Human Achievement Hour

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 25, 2017
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