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Tesla Safety Issues: Unintended Consequences of Technology Forcing

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 27, 2021

“[Fire chief Palmer] Buck said the advent and rising popularity of electrical cars presents new, unique challenges to firefighters who respond to crashes involving the vehicles, including high-powered batteries not normally seen outside of factory or industrial settings as well as a maze of electrical wiring that can still be live and shock first responders.”

It crashed and burned, and it took more than 23,000 gallons of water to finally extinguish the lithium-ion battery.

So do you still want to buy a Tesla for a status upgrade?

Maybe your loved ones will say: don’t spend the extra money and the time searching for recharging stations when it is not safe. Accidents do happen, but can Tesla be trusted with its promises for driverless technology?

The lesson of the story is that government intervention to force inferior technology onto the market has not only anticipated but also unanticipated consequences.

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Nigeria Places Its Bet on Oil, Gas, and Coal to Secure Its Energy Future

By Vijay Jayaraj -- April 26, 2021

“Experts are unanimous that the increase in oil and gas production will play a critical role in the Nigerian economy’s recovery in 2021. Forecasts indicate that oil and gas production will continue to increase rapidly in the next two decades.”

“Nigeria’s current power generation is around 5,000 MW, while the ideal capacity would be around 30,000 MW. Nigeria plans to add six new coal plants by 2037. Together with 9 new additions of gas plants, this would provide an additional 11,163 MW of power.”

There have been reports that Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, is shifting away from oil and gas and is looking to invest in renewables. Recent energy decisions and investments show otherwise. The country is placing its bet on fossil fuels.

Fossil Fuels: Key to Nigeria’s Energy Future

Only 45 percent of Nigerians have access to the national power grid.

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Cato Institute on Biden’s Earth Day Climate Summit, 2021 (goose-stepping on the road to serfdom)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 23, 2021

Ed. Note: The Cato Institute has long been an intellectual and advocacy force for climate realism (the global lukewarming school), as well as free-market energy policies in the face of climate alarmism. This post shares Cato’s work on both issues in this historic week of climate activism to, in President Biden’s words, “set America on a path of net-zero emissions economy by no later than 2050.”

This post will be updated with any new material from Cato on these subjects.


[Nothing on Earth Day] [!!]

[April 23rd: Electric Vehicles and the Biden Infrastructure Plan]

This post by Chris Edwards is just regular fare with little-to-nothing to do with the climate/energy transformation war raging outside of Cato’s windows.

The piece is also very shallow and politically correct, trying to make the argument that more government subsidies are not needed because electric vehicles (EVs) can now stand on their own….

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Resourceful Earth Day (celebrate freedom, innovation)

By Pierre Desrochers and Jasmin Guénette -- April 22, 2021
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“The Special Case of Paul Ehrlich” (Julian Simon remembered)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 21, 2021
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Deepwater Horizon at 11: Remember “Beyond Petroleum” BP

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 20, 2021
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Electricity Scare in Texas: Interview

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 19, 2021
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Electric Experts Wed to Regulation (continuation of prior discussions)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 15, 2021
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The Fossil Fuel Dichotomy: Biden and the East’s Contrasting Energy Approach

By Vijay Jayaraj -- April 14, 2021
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New Deal Lite: Beware of the ‘American Conservation Coalition’ (climate alarmism premise ruinous)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 13, 2021
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