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Texas’ Wounded Grid: Reliable Generators Call for Public Subsidies (renewables distortion for all to see)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 12, 2021

A major component of Senate Bill 3 was a requirement that electric companies weatherize their facilities to withstand future freezes…. Some researchers have put [this cost] at billions of dollars. (Houston Chronicle, below)

I hope that at least the free-market community realizes what central planning and renewables forcing have done to the Texas grid. Electricity provision in the state is wounded–and the great costs already incurred (and socialized to a large extent) only promise to grow in the future as more renewables ruin the economics of the conventional, reliable power generators, causing price spikes and shortages.

The latest was reported this week on the front page of the Houston Chronicle: “Costs of plant fixes may fall to Texans: Companies seeking to have consumers pay for the upgrades.

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On Energy Messaging

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 9, 2021

“The only person who can truly persuade you is yourself. You must turn the issues over in your mind at leisure, consider the many arguments, let them simmer, and after a long time turn your preferences into convictions.”

– Milton and Rose Friedman, Free to Choose (1979), p. xii.

I have fruitfully engaged in debates regarding energy and climate on social media, some on Facebook and most at LinkedIn. I comment on views I agree with to add insight. But I commonly engage with my intellectual foes, some of whom are quite confident they have the science on their side and share links to prove it.

I learn, while noting the areas of disagreement and why. I remain persuaded that the climate crusade is wasteful and futile–and wealth-is-health entrepreneurship is the way forward, whatever the weather and climate of the future.

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‘Smart’ Meters: Big Brother in the Home? (shortages = government rationing

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 8, 2021

“I am fearful that electricity will be turned from an affordable, thoughtless necessity into the opposite.”

“Electricity would/should be inexpensive enough where folks don’t want to hassle with saving a dollar here or there [via a ‘smart’ meter] if it requires any sort of thought or potential inconvenience.”

The wolf is at the door with electricity–and it has virtually nothing to do with the free market but a lot to do with government intervention guided by experts/regulators, and planners. Call it analytic failure and government failure, not market failure.

Background: Forcing intermittent renewable energy on the grid has compromised reliability directly and indirectly. Directly, wind and solar disappear at the peak. Indirectly, renewables with the lowest marginal cost (but highest average cost) displace the reliables, natural gas but also coal and ruin profitability margins otherwise.

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John Hofmeister: Shell Oil-ex a Stain on Oil and Gas

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 7, 2021
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Renewables Slow “Energy Transition” (It’s not easy being green)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 6, 2021
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Happy 4th Weekend: Drive, Grill, Fireworks (continuing the great summer of CO2)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 2, 2021
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Electricity Planning Quagmire: Marginal Cost Pricing & Renewables

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 1, 2021
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Vietnam at the Energy Crossroads: Will it Choose the Best Way Forward?

By Vijay Jayaraj -- June 30, 2021
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Politicized History, Bad History

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 29, 2021
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‘Ecocide’: The Climate Church Wants to Imprison Nonbelievers

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 28, 2021
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