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LinkedIn Climate/Energy Debate: An Exchange of Note

By Hans Wolkers -- June 8, 2023

Oil industry lobbyists are not worthwhile humans. It’s not a real job, it is corruption and beneath contempt. Taking bribe money to spread propaganda that results in genocide is sub human.” Tom Trounce (below)

I recently had an ‘interesting’ discussion on social media with a strong advocate for (dilute, intermittent) ‘renewable’ energies. My critic, an angry foe of fossil fuels, didn’t present solid arguments but only ad hominems, followed by trash talk. Such is the unfortunate part of debating climate/energy issues on LinkedIn, where certain (brainwashed?) alarmists work to discredit and marginalize their opponents.

Tom Trounce was the bad guy. His profile at LinkedIn advertises:

Improving lives through community, compassion and expeditions | Non-profits | Company culture | Leadership integrity | Technology | Customer Experience | Purpose

What? Improving lives, compassion, integrity.

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Shakedown! Climate Governance Initiative (UK)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 7, 2023

“Our mission is to mobilise boards around the world to accelerate the net zero transition, guided by the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate Governance.”

Politicized ESG alert for corporations. The Climate Governance Initiative (CGI), housed at the University of Cambridge (UK), wants to hose you down in the name of “saving the Planet.” Rather than debate climate alarm and forced energy transformation, CGI wants to assume it and race down Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, the Utopia being Climate Stability (or some such thing).

The UK Climate Governance Initiative is based on the following premise:

Climate change is a global emergency. Business has a crucial role to play in the necessary transition. Boards must take the lead on this.

Our Mission, Vision & Values (here):

Our mission is to mobilise boards around the world to accelerate the net zero transition, guided by the World Economic Forum’s Principles for Effective Climate Governance.

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Social Injustice: Climate Activists vs. Nitrogen Fertilizers

By Steve Overholt -- June 6, 2023

“Now, climate warriors have arrayed their forces against manmade ‘chemical’ nitrogen fertilizers. The convenient collateral damage in this campaign is the natural gas required to produce this essential plant nutrient.”

Throughout modern history science-based increases in food production and the wealth it generates have brought astonishing reductions in population growth rates. Then came climate alarmism and forced energy transformation.

The farmers toil as many Americans relax and take summer vacations. The agricultural sector today represents only 1.3 percent of our population compared to 30 percent a century ago, producing record harvests through brains, sweat, and science (and CO2 enrichment and longer growing seasons). Yet many of them feel uneasy about the climate-change exaggerators who have them in the government’s crosshairs.

A New Front

It is not only beef from cattle, a methane issue.…

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Energy and Environmental Review: June 5, 2023

By -- June 5, 2023
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Chris Tomlinson (Houston Chronicle) Confesses Conflict of Interest

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 2, 2023
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U.S. Exit of the Paris Climate Accord: Reasons Reverberate Today

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 1, 2023
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Surging New England Energy Prices: No Surprise

By Steve Goreham -- May 30, 2023
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Memorial Day 2023: Let’s Go!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 26, 2023
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Tomlinson on Texas Electricity: Houston Chronicle Editorialist in the Wrong Paradigm

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 25, 2023
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EVs: Political Pushback (151 Republicans vs. Big Brother)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 24, 2023
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