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Enron’s Bankruptcy at 15: A Revisionist Political Economy Conclusion

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 2, 2016

Enron, and no one more than Ken Lay, time and again pledged allegiance to free enterprise, deregulation, privatization, and competition. Come the implosion, that rhetoric was taken at face value. If Enron was capitalism, then capitalism was prone to flim-flam, deception, and even fraud.”

Enron was a paragon of crony capitalism and a master of politicized regulation. Like no other company in history, Enron leveraged non-market government opportunity in myriad and sustained ways that ultimately came at the expense of consumers, taxpayers, and investors.”

“Classical liberals applauded the fact that the market, not regulators, exposed and ruined Enron. True enough, but the broader point and the deeper moral of the story is this: Enron and Ken Lay, as they were and became, would not have existed in a truly capitalistic economy.”

I was part of Enron’s layoff the day after the company filed for bankruptcy, fifteen years ago tomorrow.

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“At The Crossroads III” Energy & Climate Policy Summit (Heritage Foundation: December 8, 2016)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 1, 2016

“Our country stands at a crossroads of two incompatible forces. On one side is the historical opportunity our country now has to become the world’s energy superpower while restoring vigorous economic growth and full employment. On the other side is coercive federal and state policy to supplant fossil fuels and thus block the energy boom and the economic resurgence it promises.”

It has been my privilege to have participated in the previous two conferences in this series, Crossroads I in Houston (2014) and Crossroads II in Austin, Texas (2015).

With great fanfare, this year’s event will be held in Washington, DC, now that a new era in environmental policy–demoting the faux environmentalism of carbon dioxide as a negative externality–is about to begin.

The real promise of climate-policy reform is to disengage the US from international climate control, which can fracture the international climate complex to promote people and shrink government, worldwide.

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Battig in the Houston Chronicle: Truth to Published Power

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 30, 2016

Flawed science as fact is the real danger.”

Charles Battig is a plenty smart physician (a real doctor versus us doctorates) who has carefully studied the climate debate. This ‘talented amateur’ (as in non-climate scientist) knows the hidden assumptions and the non sequiturs behind the alleged case for climate alarmism and forced energy transformation. Now living in Houston, he has been a one-person truth squad to the Houston Chronicle’s New York Times-like editorials on climate.

Now retired, Dr. Battig holds three degress from Tulane University: M.D.; M.S., Electrical Engineering; and B.S., Electrical Engineering. In 2009, Battig was named president of the Piedmont Chapter of Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment (VASEEE), a “grassroots organization” founded by climatologist Fred Singer who is also president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP).

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Climategate: Never Forget (President-elect Trump hasn’t)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 29, 2016
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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: November 28, 2016

By -- November 28, 2016
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Thanksgiving: A Free-Market Holiday

By Richard Ebeling -- November 23, 2016
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Houston Chronicle: Letter of Protest on Climate Issue

By Charles Battig -- November 22, 2016
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Time to Trump the Climate Hysteria (Clexit movement growing)

By Viv Forbes -- November 21, 2016
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Big Wind vs. Little Taxpayers: An Easy Budget Cut for Trump

By -- November 18, 2016
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“My Work Here Is Finished” (thank you Marita Noon)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 17, 2016
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