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Petulant Joe Romm Tries to Expand His Climate/Energy Reach

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 17, 2019

The good news: Joe Romm has gone quiet (last post: June 26th) at ClimateProgress after a 14-year run as founder/chief blogger. The bad news: he has launched a new venture in the hopes of raising his profile and reach.

He has his work cut out for him. This irritable, emotional physicist-turned-journalist has long turned off conservatives, libertarians, and open-minded independents with his exaggerations (Wiki: ” Romm’s 2006 book Hell and High Water projects that humans have a window of opportunity of only about a decade to head off the most catastrophic effects of global warming”).

He has remained vitriolic and stubborn in the face of contrary evidence regarding dilute, intermittent energies, not to mention his notion of an unlivable climate. He will not engage in open debate with his critics–but likes to work behind the scenes to bully and discredit them.

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Capitalism as Seen by the Left: “The Age of Enron”

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 16, 2019

“Add [to rent-seeking] the company’s rank imprudence and strategic deceit (what I labeled philosophic fraud), and a new term had to be invented to describe that which true capitalist luminaries from Adam Smith forward warned against: the contra-capitalist corporation.”

For many years now, as a poor man’s Robert Caro, I have labored to demonstrate that the worldview-testing event called Enron was Exhibit A of crony capitalism and Progressivism, not free-market capitalism and the classical liberalism.

The Progressive mainstream argued emphatically for their conclusion. Two examples are among my favorites. Paul Krugman in the New York Times: “I predict that in the years ahead Enron, not Sept. 11, will come to be seen as the greater turning point in U.S. society.” Robert Kuttner in BusinessWeek: “Defenders of deregulation are mounting a heroic effort to insist that the [Enron] debacle was merely a business model gone bad, not an impeachment of freer markets”.

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Let’s Get Uncomfortable! Carbon Guilt Reaches A/C

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 15, 2019

“Air-conditioning demystifies nature’s miracles, and contributes to a culture characterized by disconnection and overconsumption.”

– Neri Oxman (MIT Media Lab), quoted here

“‘I’d rather sweat and stink and drink ice water.'”

– Mark Feeney (Boston Globe), quoted here

My recent blog at the Institute for Energy Research (IER) website documented an ongoing series at the New York Times aimed at getting one and all to lower their carbon footprint.

Grill vegetables, not meat. Use gas, not charcoal or wood. Watch how you wash your car and boil your water. Drink your coffee cold. Avoid dairy. Forgo the flowers. To which I said:

In a free society, personal choices are made for reasons of health, safety, convenience, quality, and affordability. Time is as important as dollars. Quality is valued over lesser substitutes.

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Costing the Green New Deal and “Deep Decarbonization”: Some Clarifications

By -- July 11, 2019
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Trump Environmental Update: July 8, 2019

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 10, 2019
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Heartland Climate Conference: “Best Science, Winning Energy Policies” (July 25, 2019)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 9, 2019
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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: July 8, 2019

By -- July 8, 2019
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Declaration of Mineral Independence

By Paul Driessen and Ann Bridges -- July 4, 2019
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LEEDCo/Icebreaker Offshore Wind Project: More Troubles

By Sherri Lange -- July 3, 2019
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Trump at 2019’s G20: Weakening the Global Climate Cartel

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 2, 2019
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