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George Shultz’s Climate Activism: A Note

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 19, 2019

During a visit to the [Wall Street Journal] … to discuss climate change with its editorial board in 2012, [George] Shultz had dropped mention of [the founder of Theranos] who he felt certain was going to revolutionize medicine with her technology.

George Shultz, a stalwart of the Republican Party given his posts in the Nixon and Reagan administrations, and his association with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, has been a prominent activist for pricing (taxing) carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a quite Progressive, Democrat notion.

Did Statesman Shultz wake up one morning alarmed about the human influence on global climate? Is he doing this from his own sense of righteousness? Or was he lobbied hard and paid handsomely for his advocacy? This rhetorical question applies also to James A.

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Apocalypse Now? (review of Greer’s ‘Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush’)

By -- June 18, 2019

A review of John Michael Greer’s essay-collection book, Collapse Now and Avoid the Rush, provides a good summary of what is wrong about the post-apocalyptic industrial complex. The basic theme is that industrial civilization, based on short-term consumerism, is doomed and the turning point has already passed. There is little that can be done, and people are unwilling or incapable of taking action that would avoid or minimize the problem.

That Greer self-identifies as a driud is telling, given that little is known about the real druids. They left no writings and the Romans and Greeks, who wrote about them, were hardly unbiased observers. Presumably, the Ancient Order of Druids in America, of which he was Grand Archdruid, relies on mythology and his work betrays that approach. It certainly suggests a bias on his part towards an anti-modern lifestyle, which he appears to not only embrace but allow to influence his thinking. 

Admittedly, Greer is probably right in thinking that “humans are not as smart as we think we are,” but this should suggest he be a little more self-critical, especially about our “nonsensical rationalizations.” 

Peak Oil Again

As someone who had been heavily engaged in the Peak Oil debate, I would say his embrace of some of the invalid theories posited by advocates of that argument demonstrates this shortcoming clearly.

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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: June 17, 2019

By -- June 17, 2019

The Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions (AWED) is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations interested in improving national, state, and local energy and environmental policies. Our premise is that technical matters like these should be addressed by using Real Science (please consult WiseEnergy.org for more information).

A key element of AWED’s efforts is public education. Towards that end, every three weeks we put together a newsletter to balance what is found in the mainstream media about energy and the environment. We appreciate MasterResource for their assistance in publishing this information.

Some of the more important articles in this issue are:

The Greens’ Goal has Always Been to Make Renewable Energy Expensive

Combined-Cycle Natural Gas Power Beats Everything Else

The Levelized Cost of Electricity from Existing Generation Resources

Observations on the Alliance for Market Solutions’ ‘conservative’ case for a carbon tax

Economists Have Been “Useful Idiots” for the Green Socialists

Infrasound — a Growing Liability for Wind Energy

Study: Wind turbines kill 75% of nearby buzzards, hawks and kites

Energy solution hinges on better technology

Reforming State Utility Regulations

Farmland Owner (& MD) Encourages People NOT to Lease Wind Turbines

Solar intermittency: upbeat carbon reduction estimates miss the reality

Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s ‘renewable’ fiasco

The CO2 Hockey Stick

Why we do nothing to prepare for climate change

Study: Human CO2 Emissions Have Little Effect on Atmospheric CO2

Calling Climate Change ‘Catastrophic’ Isn’t Backed By Science

The Plan is No Plan: Why the GOP Shouldn’t Do Anything on Climate

Climate change has started to influence our language.

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Industrial Wind Goes Low in Western New York

By Ginger Schröder -- June 13, 2019
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Industrial Wind Application: A Look at Alle-Catt Wind Farm (340 MW in the wilds for what natural gas could do far better)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 12, 2019
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Democrats and a Carbon Tax: A Losing Issue Then, Now

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 11, 2019
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Trump’s Latest on Climate: Right Again! (re UK’s Piers Morgan, Prince Charles)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 10, 2019
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Julian Morris on ‘Fat Tails’ Climate Activism (MIT’s Pindyck reconsidered)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 6, 2019
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Judith Curry on Taylor’s “Fat Tails” Argument for CO2 Pricing

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 5, 2019
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Robert Murphy on Fat Tails (Part II)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 4, 2019
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