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Bret Stephens’ Climate Conversion: Utterly Unconvincing

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 8, 2022

“Learning is a process, not a destination. Bret Stephens should reconsider his reconsideration to educate his readers on the benefits of CO2 enrichment and positive weather/climate trends (including global lukewarming). And do it in such a way that instead of trying to fire him, the alarmists have to answer (not duck) the hard questions about their position.”

The intellectual case against climate alarmism and forced energy transformation has always been strong. Recent events have made this case stronger with more data contradicting climate model projections. The statistics of extreme weather events and global (luke)warming are hard to ignore. In addition, the “fat tail” of worst-case, extreme warming have been scaled back in the mainstream literature. All this is good news and an antidote for ‘climate anxiety’.

Given all this (isn’t this typical of neo-Malthusian scares?),…

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Steven Koonin: Guilty as Charged (DeSmog’s Hall of Fame)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 7, 2022

“DeSmog’s methodology of listing the ‘denier’ qualifications, quotations, and activities–as if the debate was settled toward climate alarmism and forced energy transformation–is utterly unconvincing. Their growing list is impressive and a badge of honor, so let their project continue.”

Stephen Koonin has done much to help “mainstream” the problems with alarmism based on climate modelling–at least for the open-minded and curious. Humility must rule in the face of radical complexity. After all, what can be known in the absence of causal physical equations that are sub-grid scale anyway?

Climate models cannot be expected to “get it right,” if earth modeling is even possible. This is why data-data-data can and should drive the climate sensitivity debate.

Professor Koonin has been profiled relative to Andrew Dessler at MasterResource (here and here).…

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‘Common Ground’ on ESG? Only Bad Wins

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 6, 2022

“What if a company bases its ESG ‘politics’ not on climate model projections or ‘attribution science’ but on the consumer imperative of affordable, plentiful, reliable energy?”

“The give-away is that now that everyone knows that fossil fuels are winning and the saturation effect is closing the mitigation window, the Church [of Climate] goers will not check their premises. If they really had ‘climate anxiety,’ they would want to understand the case for CO2/climate optimism….” (RLB, below)

The exchange began on social media regarding the paper “ESG Isn’t Woke, It’s Capitalism,” by Robert Eccles. “There are a number of important points to debate about ESG from a company, investor, and public policy perspective,” he began.

This is best done with a goal of finding common ground. This webinar is another step Dan [Crowley] and I are taking to bring my Democratic side and his Republican side together on making sense of ESG.

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Energy and Environmental Review: December 5, 2022

By -- December 5, 2022
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‘Train Your Brain’ on Climate Change? (debate, don’t assume)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 2, 2022
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Energy Sense: Tucker Carlson (winter heating costs in the news)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 1, 2022
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Leave Shell Alone: Oil and Gas for the Masses!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 30, 2022
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‘Old School Climate Denial is Back’ (Droz, Martis: take a bow)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 29, 2022
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‘Greenhushing’ Joins Greenwashing (woke firms in legal peril?)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 28, 2022
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Thanksgiving 2022

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 24, 2022
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