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Dear Enviros: Will You Support an Offshore Moratorium in the Great Lakes for Wind Turbines?

By Sherri Lange -- September 11, 2019

“… the scope of the threats, from leaking gear box oil, turbine failure and combustion, tower collapse, blade shears, to re-exposure of contaminants and toxins, physical displacement of currents and food flow, acoustic interference to life in the lake, siltation affects in immediate vicinity of turbines, interference to Homeland Security, death of wildlife, property value impacts, commercial and recreational fishing impacts, and more, for intermittent power at best, … I urge the EPA to permanently end such folly through a permanent moratorium on offshore wind farm development in Lake Erie, and all the Great Lakes.” (Richard Davenport to US EPA, September 3, 2019)

For decades, mainstream environmentalists have sought and received offshore moratoria for offshore hydrocarbon development. With wind turbines, the potential damage to the ecosystem is much more pronounced than with oil and gas projects in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico.

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On the Houston Chronicle’s Editorial Crusade Against Fossil Fuels

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 10, 2019

“A recent Politico article on the bad messaging of Democrats on climate and energy, Democrats Bite on Burgers and Straws–and Republicans Feast, is fair warning. It is high time the hometown paper of the center of the oil and gas industry stop the blatant bias against the very energies that consumers naturally prefer.”

There is no representation for conservatives or libertarians on the editorial board of the Houston Chronicle. So when it comes to energy, fossil fuels (because of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions) are seen as the enemy of the climate rather than a greening agent; protection against heat, cold, and precipitation; and a first responder after weather extremes.

Mineral energies in capitalist settings have much to do with the precipitous drop of climate-related deaths in the last century–and are essential to human betterment going forward.

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EVs: It’s Hard Being Green

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 9, 2019

“In 1896, Thomas Edison wisely told Henry Ford to steer clear of electric vehicles. And today, battery propulsion remains less efficient than on-board combustion for a variety of technical and market reasons. Attempts to get around the inefficiency add humor to an otherwise dry subject.”

It’s hard to be “green.” Ask Al Gore, whose carbon footprint must be among the highest in America (home electricity usage + SUV trips + private plane rides). Same for Leonard DiCaprio’s yacht. John Holdren, Obama’s alarmist-in-chief, also violates the I = PAT equation while having fun fishing.

I was reminded of this when reading the latest Musings from the Oil Patch of G. Allen Brooks of the energy investment banking firm PPHB. His “Pictures Reflecting the Reality of Our Green World” offered three examples (below).

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Museum Solar: A Carter 1979 MEOW moment revisited

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 5, 2019
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Energy Nationalization: Bernie and Before

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 4, 2019
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On the ‘Ultimate Resource,’ Human Ingenuity

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- September 3, 2019
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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: August 29, 2019

By -- August 29, 2019
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Sustainability: Ideology versus Reality (Part III: The Big Picture)

By -- August 28, 2019
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Sustainability: Ideology versus Reality (Part II: Wind Turbines)

By -- August 27, 2019
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Sustainability: Ideology versus Reality (Part I: Biofuels and Solar)

By -- August 26, 2019
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