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End All Energy Subsidies Now! (Ronald Reagan remembered)

By Greg Rehmke -- June 13, 2024

“We have long discovered that nothing lasts longer than a temporary government program.” (- Ronald Reagan)

In the 1970s – fifty years ago now – The Energy Crisis jolted the U.S. economy, causing shortages and long lines at gas stations. In response, various federal energy policies and programs were passed. And as the decades passed, layer-upon-layer of new federal energy programs and regulations were added, then extended and expanded.

The energy crisis is decades past, and technology advances in oil and natural gas drilling have yielded booming supplies, allowing the U.S. to become a major oil and natural gas exporter. So maybe it is time (or past time) to “push the button” to end the dense and expensive thicket of federal energy market interventions (including subsidies and mandates for wind, solar, ethanol, electric vehicles, plus fuel economy standards).…

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‘Skeptical Science’ Gets Comeuppance on Social Media

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 12, 2024

“Let’s see if Skeptical Science makes another appearance on LinkedIn. It is up to 458 follows. And see if this organization will simply prepare an entry on what ‘skeptic’ arguments are the best. With that middle ground, maybe we can have a real debate.”

On LinkedIn, the alarmist Skeptical Science posted:

Somewhat surprisingly for what is regarded as a network of professionals, climate science misinformation is getting shared on LinkedIn as well. Here is a list of some signs to be on the lookout for when reading posts or comments related to human-caused climate change or global warming:

Read the list here, but their pitch is little more than ‘trust us’ and visit the DeSmog database of “deniers” for the bad actors. (Note: DeSmog’s smear-list encyclopedia has backfired!…

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Exit the UN Climate Treaty–Again!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 11, 2024

“Thus, as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris Accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country. This includes ending the implementation of the nationally determined contribution and, very importantly, the Green Climate Fund which is costing the United States a vast fortune.” – President Trump, below

President Joe Biden should immediately announce that the U.S. plans to withdraw from the United Nations Paris Climate Accord. Just put it in his teleprompter someone, and it will happen. But short of this, a new President should withdraw from the Treaty–again.

On June 1, 2017, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would exit from the Paris Climate Accord. Formal withdrawal began on November 4, 2019, with notification to the UN.…

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Energy & Environmental Review: June 10, 2024

By -- June 10, 2024
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Industrial Wind Power: A Depleting Resource?

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 6, 2024
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Challenging a “Free-Market” Congressman in 1979 (early criticisms of public utility regulation)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 5, 2024
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Privatize for Federal Debt Reduction

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 4, 2024
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Permanent Tax Subsidy? Solar’s 15 extensions

By Robert Bradley Jr. --
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“All of the Above” — Bad Energy Policy

By -- June 3, 2024
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“How Many Birds Do Wind Farms Kill?” (pro-wind concern)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 31, 2024
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