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By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 7, 2022

I am writing a new book, Energy Crisis and Leviathan, that summarizes the history of government intervention with energy during wartime and other energy emergencies. To better understand these crises, I review the intervening periods of relative normalcy.

My effort is not a treatise but an overview that relies on key political economy terms to best understand the unhampered market process versus interventionism. The terms below will be referred to in future posts here at MasterResource given the current energy emergencies and habit of government to expand rather than contract.

This is a working draft. The reader is invited to suggest, correct, or present new terms to this list of 21.

Border adjustments: Nation-to-nation tariffs to prevent some jurisdictions from disadvantaging others in the global quest to price or ration carbon dioxide.

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Energy and Environmental Review: June 6, 2022

By -- June 6, 2022
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Climate Nuttiness: IPCC Scientist Peter Kalmus Unglued (‘Scientist Rebellion’ a dud)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 3, 2022

“I suspect fossil fuel leaders were surprised and amazed that their frankly evil plan worked beyond their wildest dreams…. This is NOT to let the fossil fuel leaders off the hook. Far from it, they should be in prison (not climate activists!).” (- P. Kalmus, below)

The climate nuts hurt their cause as much or more than they help it. And their own words doom them to ridicule and irrelevance.

Enter Peter Kalmus, a climate scientist making a living at taxpayer expense. He has been a go-to voice regarding the April 6, 2022, “Scientist Rebellion” event where over 1,000 scientists in 26 countries risked arrest to “warn the world.”

Kalmus glued himself to the entrance of Los Angeles’s Chase Bank headquarters and got arrested. The story is told here:

“The scientists of the world are being ignored and it’s got to stop,” said Peter Kalmus, a California-based father of two and NASA climate scientist.

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DeFrock: Wind Litigation Central in Australia (global insight provided)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 2, 2022
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Trump Correct on the Paris Climate Accord (five year anniversary of withdrawal decision)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- June 1, 2022
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Gee Whiz! Residents Do Not Like Wind Turbines (E&E News report)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 31, 2022
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Memorial Day 2022: Let’s Go!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 27, 2022
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Irina Slav: “From arrogance to insanity: the EU path”

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 26, 2022
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More on ‘Greenwashing’: The Alarmists’ Policy Alarm

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 25, 2022
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Is Caroline Dennett Greenwashing Too? (dissing Shell for fame and fortune)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 24, 2022
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