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The Global Warming Mass Movement

By Al Danielsen -- July 18, 2016

“Fear of global warming serves the interests of countless numbers of individuals and organizations. Idealistic dreamers of social justice, population control, and world government were early leaders in the global warming movement. They were joined by delegates to the United Nations and countless other officials who sought more power through government expansion.”

Global warming has been described as a hoax, scam and conspiracy as well as by other pejorative terms. It is true that many elites conspired to promote noble causes by instilling fear of global warming and hatred of fossil fuels. For example, the organizer of the UN Earth Summit in 1992 was a long-time advocate of world government while Mikhail Gorbachev and Al Gore sought political power. UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller went a step further in wanting our hearts and minds.

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Renewable Energy: High Jobs, Little Power (inefficiency personified)

By Stanislav Jakuba -- July 14, 2016

Energy Jobs

Ever wondered why has our standard of living not been improving?

The upward-aiming line in the above chart indicates one reason: growing employment in the renewable-energy sector. That employment contributes a miniscule amount to power production, and it does so at a dreadfully high operating cost.

Here are the numbers.

As illustrated, 200,000 people work in the solar industry (Photo-voltaic and Concentrated Solar Power combined), and they enabled the generation of 3.0 GW in 2015, which comes to 15 kW per employee. The down-sloping lines, combined, represent the 400,000 employees in the fossil fuel industry.

Assuming that about a half of those are needed just to supply fuel to generate the 310 GW electricity reported for that year, then the remaining 200,000 employees were responsible for 1550 kW per employee.

In other words, one employee in the fossil fuel industry produces 1550 kW, while it takes 100 employees in the solar business to produce roughly that amount.

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Alaska’s Crisis of Leadership

By Dave Harbour -- July 13, 2016

“The last two decades plus of governors and legislators have ignored the reality of a coming unsustainable state fiscal policy. And, even if we were to charitably credit the long line of politicians with having good intentions (i.e. note the many now considering retirement ‘while the getting is good’), we remind ourselves in the same breath that roads to hell and insolvency are both paved with good intent.”

Since the early 1990s the University of Alaska – Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research has been advising state leaders to bring spending in line with a declining Prudhoe Bay revenue stream.

Throughout the last fifteen years, we at Northern Gas Pipelines have added our editorial voice to ISER’s more scientific, economic analyses.  And with every passing year, ISER’s pleas for fiscal sanity have grown stronger.

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When Romm Blamed Reagan for “this energy mess” (Jimmy Carter lives!)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 12, 2016
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Energy & Environmental Newsletter: July 11, 2016

By -- July 11, 2016
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ABC Comments on Eagle Permits: Revisions to Regulations for Eagle Incidental Take and Take of Eagle Nests (Part II)

By Steve Holmer -- July 8, 2016
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American Bird Conservancy Comments on Eagle Permits: Revisions to Regulations for Eagle Incidental Take and Take of Eagle Nests (Part I)

By Steve Holmer -- July 7, 2016
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Ayn Rand’s Influence on Today’s Energy Debate

By -- July 6, 2016
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Does U.S. Policy Promote China’s Costly Solar and Wind Power?

By Greg Rehmke -- July 5, 2016
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‘Home Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards’ Hearing: Some Reflections (Part II)

By Mark Krebs -- June 30, 2016
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