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Europe’s 2019 Heat Wave: The Rest of the Story

By Robert Endlich -- September 12, 2019

“The caterwauling from the mainstream media – and claims that 2019’s hot summer was part of human-caused CO2-fueled global warming and a direct cause of alleged extreme maximum temperatures – are just not true. Analysis of the claims and events reveals these were simply hot weather events in a warm summer; claims of new extremes are far-fetched and fade under scrutiny.”

“[T]he BBC report quotes Cambridge University Botanic Garden director Beverley Glover: ‘However, we can’t help but feel dismay at the high temperature recorded and the implication that our local climate is getting hotter, with inevitable consequences for the plants and animals around us.’ If you look at the data you see that this was a one-day weather event; the summer of 1976 was a lot hotter and occurred during the 1970s ice age scare.”

Incredibly Poor Climate Forecasts Made for Las Cruces and New Mexico

By Robert Endlich -- July 24, 2019

“It seems as if the [New Mexico State University] alarmists are both unaware of the climate history of the region and are unable (unwilling?) to do a literature search, even though this is now trivial, using an internet connection and internet search.”

“Not a single climate forecast I’ve examined here had the slightest hint of cold, wet winters to come nor the record-setting snowfall and rainfall which has deluged most of the country the past year. Those claiming to be experts in climate, citing CO2 as a driver and computer models as worthwhile tools, ignored at their peril the twin roles of climate cycles and the power of the chaotic natural weather fluctuations.”

Las Cruces is home to New Mexico’s Land Grant school, New Mexico State University. While ostensibly home of The Educated, some climate pronouncements by faculty have proven to be terribly wrong.…

Sixty Minutes on the Kiddie Climate Lawsuit: Hypocrisy Squared

By Robert Endlich -- March 18, 2019

CBS producer Mihaljevic says not a word to suggest that a kid living on a barrier island anywhere along the hurricane-prone Atlantic coast today somehow faces environmental threats not confronted by kids on the Atlantic or Gulf Coast mainland. Indeed, the CBS video of young Levi Draheim was shot on a sunny day with light winds, an ideal beach day with nary a hurricane or thunderstorm in sight, leaving the subtle impression that the only threat he should fear is seas that are rising ever faster because of manmade climate change.

On 3 March 2019 the popular CBS Sixty Minutes newsmagazine featured a story on the Climate  Kids’ lawsuit, Juliana vs. the United States. It included a feature-length segment by CBS Correspondent Steve Croft, and smaller segments in the “Sixty Minutes Overtime” also directly available at the same link.…

It’s the Weather, Governor Brown (peddling climate hypochondria for political gain)

By Robert Endlich -- January 22, 2018

NPR Bungles Sea Level Rise Story (supposed threats to coastal military installations ignore science)

By Robert Endlich -- May 11, 2017

Audubon Goes over the Edge (Jan/Feb 2016 issue promotes anti-science alarmism)

By Robert Endlich -- February 4, 2016