Bummed Joe Romm on Failed Climate Policy

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 29, 2024 1 Comment

“So, it seems the [COP 28] agreement establishes that we can ‘abate’ fossil fuel plant emissions to produce more fossil fuels. Does anything capture the Orwellian nature of this agreement better?”

“After eight years, not one of the top 10 greenhouse gas emitting countries has adopted ‘policies and action’ capable of meeting the Paris climate targets.” (Joe Romm, 12-20-2024)

Yes, Joe. The international crusade against carbon dioxide (CO2)–really affordable, reliable, storable, convenient energies–has been a failure. The futile crusade is now in its 36th year with 28 annual COP meetings come-and-gone. Fossil fuels are presently in a tripartite boom with no end in sight.

This reality is an open secret that the Climate PR Complex does not want people to know. Meanwhile, every day of fossil fuel dominance makes a reversal of atmospheric CO2 less and less feasible.…

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Flat Warming vs. Joe Romm’s September 2017 Alarm

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- March 10, 2022 No Comments

“September [2017] sets alarming global temperature record and negates a favorite denier talking point … It was also the most active month on record for North Atlantic hurricanes.”

“2017 is so unexpectedly warm it is freaking out climate scientists.”

– Joe Romm, ThinkProgress, October 5, 2017

Remember Joe Romm? Head of his own nonprofit Center for Energy and Climate Solutions (CECS) until it folded? Climate pundit at the Center for American Progress until Climate Progress folded?

Romm might be busy elsewhere on the Progressive Left, but his exaggerations remain for the record. (Thankfully, CAP has left his posts up for historical evaluation.)

Here is one. Going on five years ago, Romm highlighted a +0.54C (about one degree Fahrenheit) monthly reading above the 30-year average for September 2017. He all but went nuts, stating:

September 2017 smashed multiple climate records, alarming scientists and further negating a favorite talking point of climate science deniers…. It’s

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Climate Progress is Defunct (Joe Romm goes general)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 4, 2019 6 Comments

“Joe Romm’s for-the-moment, repeated exaggerations (“stunning” for the liked; “heads exploding” for the disliked) grew tiresome. Crying wolf for so long resulted in laryngitis, message-wise.”

Nothing is forever. But if the “indispensible blog” for climate alarmism/forced energy transformation (per Thomas Friedman) is shut down in an age of virtually unlimited green funding and rampant climate media alarm, then something seems amiss.

With its last post dated September 5th, there is no new content at ClimateProgress (2006–2019).

Maybe, just maybe, the creeds of the founder/leader of Climate Progress (2006–2019) grew tiresome and turned off the incremental audience the site was intended to influence. Joe Romm, after all, was only for the hardcore, although MasterResource tracked him closely as a leading scribe of modern Malthusian angst.

“Front Page Live”

Joe Romm is not gone.…

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Petulant Joe Romm Tries to Expand His Climate/Energy Reach

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 17, 2019 8 Comments

The good news: Joe Romm has gone quiet (last post: June 26th) at ClimateProgress after a 14-year run as founder/chief blogger. The bad news: he has launched a new venture in the hopes of raising his profile and reach.

He has his work cut out for him. This irritable, emotional physicist-turned-journalist has long turned off conservatives, libertarians, and open-minded independents with his exaggerations (Wiki: ” Romm’s 2006 book Hell and High Water projects that humans have a window of opportunity of only about a decade to head off the most catastrophic effects of global warming”).

He has remained vitriolic and stubborn in the face of contrary evidence regarding dilute, intermittent energies, not to mention his notion of an unlivable climate. He will not engage in open debate with his critics–but likes to work behind the scenes to bully and discredit them.…

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Nuclear Power: Joe Romm Goes Free Market (Again)

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