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Joe Romm: UAH Temperature Update (Sept. 2017 vs. December 2018)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 4, 2019

Editor Note: In October 2017 (15 months ago), Joe Romm at ThinkProgress published a postSeptember [2017] sets alarming global temperature record and negates a favorite denier talking point.

In his words:

September 2017 smashed multiple climate records, alarming scientists and further negating a favorite talking point of climate science deniers…. It’s especially remarkable to see these records in the UAH satellite data….

“The signal of global warming has become so dominant that even the deniers’ own favorite cherry-picked datasets clearly now show it,” climatologist Michael Mann told ThinkProgress. For those who live in the world of real scientific analysis, rather than conservative talking points, satellite dataground-based weather stationssea-based buoys, and even weather balloons all reveal a steady long-term warming trend.

Mann added, “even the questionable UAH satellite record, which has historically underestimated the rate of global warming as a result of serial mathematical errors, can no longer obscure the anomalous warming of the planet.”

By e-mail, Dr. Romm was invited to update his analysis on recent monthly temperatures in light of the ‘global lukewarming’ position. His response follows:


  1. Tom Tanton  

    Rob, there is nothing showing after “His response follows:” I take it Romm has failed to respond and decided not to update his analysis? While I appreciate your subtlety, some readers (especially those religious alarmists) might need more direct information. Of course sensitivity to nuance isn’t their strong suit…they’ve used up all their sensitivity on ideal climate equilibrium.


  2. rbradley  

    That is correct. Joe Romm sets himself up for failure by capitalizing on one month’s data and disappearing when his case is empirically refuted. So much for scholarship from an MIT PhD who purports to be an expert….

    Romm should be happy that global warming is less than models predict, right? But he must have another agenda.


  3. Ed Reid  

    I thought I recalled Dr. Romm swearing off the use of derogatory terms, such as “denier”, “climate zombies” and “anti-science”. Apparently, I was wrong.


  4. John Garrett  

    Dr. Romm’s response is entirely consonant with his entire body of work.


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