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‘Adventures in Energy Economics’ (Murphy online course begins Tuesday)

By Robert Murphy -- June 28, 2013

Tuesday July 2 begins my new Mises Academy online class, “Adventures in Energy Economics.” This five-week $59 course will cover the economic treatment of depletable natural resources, pollution, and climate change, as well as the current public policy debate.

The course naturally will focus on an entrepreneurial, property-rights, Austrian perspective, but the standard mainstream views will be accurately presented. All reading materials will be provided and are included in the course fee.

After the five-week course, the student will have a solid command of some of the major issues in energy economics and will be able to handle typical objections to laissez-faire capitalism coming from an environmentalist perspective.


The weekly lectures will run from July 2 through July 30. The first week will address the question, “Will we run out of energy?”…