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Superstorm Sandy (Part IV: Questions Needing Answers)

By Paul Driessen and Patrick Moffitt -- February 3, 2013

As previous posts have tried to show. we already have too many “answers” from the political class and their allies. What we need is realistic questions to start anew.

We hope Part I (“Spinning Climate and Weather”), Part II (“Political Actions”), and Part III (“Warnings Given and Ignored”) will inspire people to interact in the comment section by raising still more needed questions, rather than only expounding on policy “fixes.”

Questions like the following are an essential first step.

Communication, Risk, and Decision-Making

1. How do we communicate flood, wind and wave storm risks in understandable, consistent,and actionable terms to the public and elected officials, and among the various federal and state agencies? How can we create a consistent policy with respect to warnings and evacuation orders?

2. What safety factors should we use in risk analyses and our decision making process, and why?