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MasterResource Surpasses 200,000 Views; Continues to Attract New Talent (3rd Quarter Report)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- October 3, 2009

MasterResource continues to progress in its inaugural year. Our free-market energy blog has a top stable of primary writers, and we continue to attract quality guests that desire a unique home for their commentary.

MasterResource is a scholarly advocacy blog dedicated to energy/climate issues. One question we all ask ourselves is: how will this post appear tomorrow, next month, next year, or in a decade? Are we truth-seekers or mere shouters for the moment?  We advocate private property rights, voluntary market relations (instead of government coercion), and sound science, but our preference cannot come at the expense of scholarship (the factual record; logical and relevant theory). This is our standard, and we invite comments to this end from our readers. (1)

To date we have had 285 posts from 34 authors and approximately 1,750 comments from nearly 400 individuals.…