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Challenging Big Green for Human Betterment

By E. Calvin Beisner -- October 8, 2013

The statistics are startling. Johns Hopkins University scholar Nick Nichols found that in 2010, 13,716 environmental groups filed as tax-exempt 501(c)(3)’s with combined revenue of $7.4-billion. Their total assets? $20.6 billion.

Here are some specifics Nichols reports:

  • 2012: Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), $112 million revenue, $173 million assets;
  • 2011: Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), $97 million revenue, $249 million assets;
  • 2011: Three Greenpeace organizations, $39 million revenue, $21 million assets.

And just what are these organizations doing with their money? Precious little in the way of environmental restoration or protection—lots in the way of advocating for policies that will fulfill Senator Barack Obama’s promise, when he ran for President in 2007, that if he were elected electricity rates would “skyrocket.” [1]

“I wonder whether the tax-paying coal miners of West Virginia realize that they are subsidizing progressives intent on destroying their jobs?”