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Obama’s Offshore Drilling Misdirection (Say What, Daniel Yergin?)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 2, 2010

“[The plan] is a sign to the industry that the Obama administration is serious about exploration.”

– Daniel Yergin, chairman, IHS-CERA, quoted in Jennifer Dlouhy, “Offshore Plan Wins Few Raves,” Houston Chronicle, April 1, 2010.

The subtitle to Ms. Dlouhy’s piece was “Environmental groups and GOP are critical, while oil patch is wary.” Pouring over the 300 comments on this article, Chronicle readers know a bait-and-switch and Trojan Horse when they see it (energy-savvy Houston, after all). Maybe some of these same readers fear what I do: a wishy-washy editorial from the Chronicle on how Obama’s drilling plan is a ‘good beginning’ and ‘reasonable compromise’.

Now to Dr. Yergin, the industry expert and author who seemed to have come a long way from Energy Future (1979)  to The Commanding Heights (1998).…