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African Research on Solar Cycles: Science vs. Net Zero

By James Wanliss -- April 12, 2022

“Climate change is no hoax, because the climate always changes. Modest global warming might be beneficial for the globe. But not all climate change is beneficial. Cooling would be disastrous.”

“The American Geophysical Union … displays a diminishing interest in science, that is, in the disinterested pursuit of knowledge. Instead, it revels in an escalating interest in politics, including much talk about nebulous ideas like ‘environmental justice’ and mobilizing scientists to be ‘change agents.’

Since November 2020, the price of gasoline has steadily increased like a rising tide. A good portion of the pain at the pump that Americans, and people around the world, have felt, and increasingly feel, is due to enormous monetary expansion coupled with disastrous energy policies. The energy-price emergency began long before Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.…