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Subsidies Keeping Iowa Wind Turbines Turning

By Janna Swanson -- May 13, 2020

Editor Note: The article below, a revised version of a post at Stop These Things, is an example of a grassroots volunteer propelled by the menace of industrial wind turbines. Her analysis of wind-stronghold Iowa is pertinent for the national debate in regard to a villain in Michael Moore’s game-changing 100-minute documentary, Planet of the Humans.

Iowa is a big wind state, having force-started the industry with a 1983 mandate for state utilities to buy power from 105 MW of wind capacity. With state subsidies in addition to the federal Production Tax Credit, wind literally pays for itself with in reduced corporate taxes. Wind is Iowa’s largest power source, with 10,000 MW of capacity generating 40 percent of the state’s electricity. It is also at the forefront of landfill issues of scrapped wind blades.…