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Health Effects of Industrial Wind: The Debate Intensifies (update with Steven Cooper)

By Sherri Lange -- July 30, 2020

“Exposing the fact that the cost-benefit analyses for wind farms are wrong, the power output modelling is wrong, the acoustic modelling is wrong, and the acoustic dose response data is wrong could create some interesting discussion on the back of Planet of the Humans.” (Steven Cooper Interview, June 2020)

Master Resource has followed the work of acoustician Steven Cooper for some time. In a February 2018 interview, Sensing but not Hearing, Mr. Cooper explained how all-body hearing mattered more than acoustic isolation and reporting.

“On discussing the residents’ observations (with the residents) for the first two weeks,” he stated, “I found the use of describing the impacts in terms of Noise, Vibration, and Sensation was accepted by the residents as a better concept.”

In a November 2019 update, (Two parts, Sensing but not Hearing, Latest), Mr.…

California’s Proposed Pandemic Revisions to Cap & Trade: It’s (Still) a Tax!

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#w_lusvardi">Wayne Lusvardi</a> -- July 29, 2020

The foundation upon which the courts decided Cap and Trade was not a tax was an argument that it was a fee for permission to emit. That seems to have all but been forgotten. The diminution of offsets as a way to control emissions, in order to maintain state revenue levels, pretty clearly shows it’s not the emissions but the revenue that concerns the legislature. -Tom Tanton (below)

Due to the government-directed business shutdowns in response to the coronavirus, California’s greenhouse gas emissions have reportedly fallen the most since World War II (minus 5%), which is what environmentalists have long said they wished for. But along with it, cap-and-trade revenues from industrial purchases of pollution allowances dropped from $600-$850 million per quarter in 2019 to $25 million in May 2020, a 97-percent decrease from the prior year’s peak permit auction.…

Wind and Solar Ramp-up Problematic (mainstream recognition of grassroots environmentalism)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 28, 2020

The Michael Moore documentary Planet of the Humans has educated millions about the dark, dirty side of so-called green energy. Producer Jeff Gibbs makes these points about wind power, solar power, and biomass in particular (verbatim):

  • … there is no “green,” “sustainable” version of growth.
  •  There is no technology that does not come from a profound cost to our Mother Earth.
  • The mining, smelting, manufacturing, mountain dissolving, forest clearing, pit digging, air polluting, water poisoning, human exploiting, and fossil fuel burning necessary to bring us our “green” energy are no small matter.
  • No “breakthroughs” in green technology will eliminate their significant and growing impact on the living planet.
  • Fairy tales of green technology saving the planet protect us from the full weight of just how bad things are and from making a real plan to save ourselves and a planet worth living on. 

Kevon Martis: Common-good Foe of Industrial Solar and Wind

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 27, 2020

W. S. Jevons on Energy Efficiency (Memo to Biden, Part IV)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 23, 2020

W. S. Jevons on Coal (Memo to Biden, Part III)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 22, 2020

W. S. Jevons (1865) on Waterpower, Biomass, and Geothermal (Memo to Biden, Part II)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 21, 2020

W. S. Jevons (1865) on Wind (Memo to Biden, Part I)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 20, 2020

‘Shrillness’ of greens contributed to failure in Washington — EDF chief ‘ (2011 article rings true today)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 16, 2020

Plastics Appreciation Month!

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- July 15, 2020