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Great Lakes ‘Icebreaker’ Wind Project: Bury the Dead

By Sherri Lange -- April 26, 2024

Ed. Note: The Great Lakes “Icebreaker” project, with $13 million of DOE/taxpayer money wasted, is a boondoggle waiting to end. Yet the Chicago Tribune tries to gin up hope for an expanded project to prop up the Net Zero narrative. Sherri Lange of North American Platform Against Wind Power and Great Lakes Wind Truth responds in her letter-to-the-editor below.

Dear Editor

I read the piece by Nora Schoenberg, Illinois may be up to bat next to build first Great Lakes wind farm after Cleveland drops project (Chicago Tribune), with interest.

We respectfully point out that the Icebreaker failed for numerous reasons, not all financial, not all regulatory.

The mass outpouring of objections, literally from the entire globe, it is certain had some impact on the OPSB (Ohio Power Siting Board), and in 2014, then Chair Todd Snitchler agreed with many objectors, showed that the bench line for safe harbor for the project had not been achieved.…

ICEBREAKER Wind Dead: Great Lakes Alive

By Sherri Lange -- December 19, 2023

“The levels of opposition to Leedco (now Icebreaker) have stood firm over 14 years. They are not likely to disappear.”

The Icebreaker Wind Project–six turbines offshore Cleveland in the Great Lakes–has been “temporarily” suspended, halted, or otherwise “iced.” This is very good news for taxpayers, ratepayers, and the environment, mainstream media reporting aside. The Great Lakes will not be “the Saudi Arabia of wind.” Less is always best with government-dependent industrial wind turbines.

Take aways:

  • You can pepper the Great Lakes or the entire planet with wind turbines, and there will be zero impact on the climate out decades, if at all
  • $50 million promised with completion of target objectives; not met, $37 million being returned to DOE
  • Millions are opposed, not merely electrical unions, Audubon, Sierra, and the city of Cleveland
  • Independent environmental studies are still lacking after 14 years.

Kansas Energy Freedom Now!

By Sherri Lange -- November 3, 2023

Nixing the Mandates in Kansas: Representative Carrie Barth (R-Dist 5) and former House Energy and Environment Chair, Dennis Hedke, reach astounding consensus on Energy Resolution: 180 to 1. There will be no energy “victims” in this state.

I don’t believe I am the typical politician. I don’t care about a political career or political threats. I care about doing the right thing. I care about people. Period! (- Rep Carrie Barth in an email, October 9 2023)

Carrie Barth (R-Kansas, District 5) and Dennis Hedke, unapologetic supporter of the U.S. Constitution, acclaimed author of The Audacity of Freedom (2011), geophysicist, and former member Kansas House of Representatives (former Chair of the House Energy Committee), have drafted a clean and accurate Resolution for the Republican Party. This passed with overwhelming support. It appears to acknowledge that wind is not a good corporate citizen.

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