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African Energy Chamber: Fossil Fuels, Please

By NJ Ayuk -- November 8, 2021

NJ Ayuk, executive chair of the African Energy Chamber, wants first-class energies for first-class people, not wind and solar blight. His recent post on LinkedIn speaks to Africa’s priorities.

“Ultimately, Africans deserve the same level of energy access and security that the rest of the world takes for granted. The number of people left behind is simply too large to allow foreign agendas to take viable options off the table.”

After three days in Glasgow for COP26, you can’t help but ask yourself where do we go from here as an African energy sector. I maintain my disappointment with the global elites for failing to invite the oil and gas industry. Oh well, they invited me.

With dire warnings about the impending dangers of climate change clouding the headlines on a daily basis, energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables is a hot topic.…