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Unstoppable Change, Stasis, and Climatism

By Charles Battig -- April 24, 2018

“Thousands of years of climate adaptation by untold numbers of biological species is now viewed by climate alarmists as an obsolete process, as they assume that the global climate environment has reached its ultimate optimum state of ‘now’.” 

The most recent rebuttal by Rob Bradley to a “Climate Alarmist at R Street” included reference to “change” as a primal fear among the environmental alarmists. Stasis, indeed, is a defining characteristic of the Malthusian, deep ecology worldview held by many natural scientists working in academia.

Inherent in our earthly existence is change. Change characterizes all physical entities on some time scale. Order succumbs to disorder, unless work is expended to mitigate it, at least according to the law of entropy. Yet climate is held to a pseudo-spiritual standard of enduring timelessness and unchanging behavior.…

Koch Industries Reaches Out to Energy-Poor Minorities (free-market energy for all)

By Charles Battig -- January 17, 2017

“Using the ploy of a ‘few cents more here, a few cents more there,’ appeals are made before state energy regulatory commissions to increase utility rates for millions of customers. Such commissions drive the enactment of renewable energy usage and subsidies. Ignored are the economic hardships imposed on the less fortunate members of society. Everyone pays more; the elite few benefit from these subsidies.”

“For all of us working to promote the sensible generation and use of fossil-fueled energy, this courageous and needed initiative by Koch Industries is a welcome event.”

In a pragmatic rebuke to its critics for promoting the use of fossil fuels, Koch Industries has shown true leadership by engaging in a constructive educational program demonstrating that minority lives do matter, and that fossil fuels are key to their well-being. …

Houston Chronicle: Letter of Protest on Climate Issue

By Charles Battig -- November 22, 2016

“[The Houston Chronicle’s Chris Tomlinson] sets up a straw man argument implying that ‘Republican leaders’ do not acknowledge the human ‘contribution’ to a warming planet and rising sea levels and are thereby remiss, ignorant, or worse. You do not attempt to quantify how much that contribution might be. You do not seem to be aware that land use (farming, irrigation, land clearance) changes do greatly influence climate patterns. You do not distinguish between carbon dioxide from fossil fuel use and these other components of the climate puzzle.”

As an on-line subscriber to the Houston Chronicle, I am familiar with Mr. Chris Tomlinson’s daily column “Outside The Boardroom.” His commentaries on various business related events have been generally entertaining and informative.  Perhaps the heat of the recent presidential election season brought forth some heretofore suppressed political activism residing in his otherwise analytical nature.…

Global Warming Debate at Rice University: Soon vs. Sass

By Charles Battig -- October 27, 2016

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