Dangerous ‘Deep Decarbonization’ (Krebs PowerPoint to Cooler Heads Coalition)

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Mark Krebs on Energy Efficiency under Biden’s DOE (Part I of IV: “Deep Decarbonization” Reigns)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- January 24, 2022 1 Comment

“The adage ‘if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu’ is alive and well within The Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The same goes for legislation and elections which have sanctioned EERE’s regulatory biases.” (Krebs, below)

Q. Mark, you have been a tenacious voice for free consumer choice to use natural gas in the face of government “deep decarbonization” intervention to substitute electricity under the guise of “energy efficiency.” Tell us about your activism today.

A. I am now independent, having retired from the gas industry. My statements are solely intended to serve the best interests of energy consumers, and not necessarily the gas industry, or any one of its parts, or any other energy sector.

Q. In November 2020, you wrote a three-part series that reviewed the legal highs and lows of the DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technology (EERE) during the Trump window of opportunity.…

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EERE Reform: Brouillette’s Turn (‘deep decarbonization’ threat still alive)

By Mark Krebs and Tom Tanton -- October 24, 2019 7 Comments

“While DOE has attempted to mitigate the ‘War on Fossil Fuels’ as it pertains to fuel diversity for conventional electric power generation, anti-consumer trends are accelerating as it pertains to end-use.  Specifically, the war against natural gas direct use has escalated; most of which is attributable to DOE’s National Labs. This has led to cities and states, initiated by Berkeley California, to prohibit the use of natural gas for residential uses.”

On October 17, Secretary Perry submitted his resignation letter for “a date later this year.” President Trump said he will be replaced by Dan Brouillette. Accordingly, we thought it appropriate to assess progress towards our recommendations for DOE to refocus on consumer interests per our March 6, 2017, article titled DOE’s EERE: Reform Ideas for Secretary Perry.

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Costing the Green New Deal and “Deep Decarbonization”: Some Clarifications

By -- July 11, 2019 9 Comments

“The danger is not a physically changed climate, natural or manmade. The real threat is wealth-destroying climate policies that would leave populations vulnerable to weather and climate from any direction and for whatever reason.”

“Climate alarmists operate like the ‘Borg Collective,’ whereas organizing free-market advocates is like cat herding. We could stand for a little more organization. Perhaps we can start by sharing and fine-tuning our GND energy cost estimates. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”

Various estimates have been made of the sizeable costs of the Green New Deal (GND), a proposal to forcefully move Americans away from the most affordable, reliable energies to so-called “clean” energies.

This post reassesses these costs with a plea to better coordinate economic analyses in order to counter the climate campaigners who demote economics and realism with end-is-near, last-chance alarm.…

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Dear EERE: Past Time to Debate “Deep Decarbonization” (Obama program inconsistent with America First energy policy)

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Paris Lives! “Deep Decarbonization” at DOE

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Estimating Costs of Deep Decarbonization (California and beyond)

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Direct Use of Natural Gas: Unshackle Efficiency from Obama’s ‘Deep Decarbonization’ (Part II)

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Direct Use of Natural Gas: Unshackle Efficiency from Obama’s ‘Deep Decarbonization’ (Part 1)

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Direct-Use Natural Gas Needs a Free Market Too (‘deep decarbonization’ easy target for elimination in new policy era)

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