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The Windpower/Health Debate: Ground Zero in Falmouth, MA

By Sherri Lange -- February 25, 2016

“I could work my way through 49 years of observing sleep disturbances and deprivation, but that is more than the scope of this letter. I am writing because I have witnessed Town of Falmouth officials and members of other boards trivialize symptom reports from people who are stalwart residents of the Town of Falmouth…. Furthermore, all the Wind I neighbors I have examined are passionate about the need for sustainable energy in an effort to reduce fossil fuel dependence.”

The human nervous system is the most sensitive instrument available to date for evaluating the impact of the Falmouth wind turbines on residents who live close to them. The ONLY experts in the discussion are the people who are sensing the sound, vibrations, pressure waves, etc. emitted by the turbines. There is no one more “expert “than these people. No so-called expert has either equipment or information more accurate and sensitive than the affected residents’ nervous systems. NO instruments more sensitive than people have been invented!

The letter below from a physician who has studied the effects of wind turbines on psychological health of neighboring residents is an important data point in this debate. Note that this debate over existing property rights over tort intrusions from wind turbines is not an ideological issue for those in harm’s way (as expressed twice in this open letter). Dilute energy from wind is inherently invasive and eco-unfriendly compared to the dense, storable energies of natural gas, coal, and oil.

To: Zoning Board of Appeals,    Falmouth, MA   14 January 2016 

From: William Hallstein, MD

Subject: Wind turbine permitting

Dear members of the Zoning Board of Appeals, I am submitting this letter for your consideration as you contemplate the matter of whether or not to issue a permit for the wind turbines. In way of introduction I am psychiatric physician and Falmouth resident since 1970. This year I will have been practicing medical psychiatry for 49(forty nine) years. Consultation/liaison psychiatry has been my focus. This means sorting out diagnostic questions about intertwined medical/psychiatric illnesses, the most difficult diagnostic questions in medicine, whether in a general hospital, locked psychiatric unit or maximum security prison. I will be brief and to the point as I explain why I urge you to deny a permit for the Falmouth wind turbines.

  1. The human nervous system is the most sensitive instrument available to date for evaluating the impact of the Falmouth wind turbines on residents who live close to them. The ONLY experts in the discussion are the people who are sensing the sound, vibrations, pressure waves, etc. emitted by the turbines. There is no one more “expert “than these people. No so called expert has either equipment or information more accurate and sensitive than the affected residents’ nervous systems. NO instruments more sensitive than people have been invented! Others who claim to be experts are peddling smoke and mirrors in an effort to invalidate and discredit the affected residents. Also, other turbines in other places are not the issue, since local topography must be considered. The impact of the Falmouth wind turbines on Falmouth residents who live nearby is all that is relevant. I believe they are definitely hurting people living near them and encourage you to NOT permit the turbines, now, long after they were constructed illegally.

Over the past few years I have spent significant amounts of time in the vicinity of the turbines in an effort to understand what the affected residents are describing. My findings were unanticipated and surprised me. I was not prepared for the intensity and intrusiveness of both sound and vibration felt consistently and repeatedly throughout the years of my studying the phenomena on location. I recall my introduction to the sound of “low flying jet airplanes” overhead loud enough to interrupt conversation; and, of course, the “planes” kept coming one after another in endless sequence with each rotation of a turbine blade!!! I was searching the sky looking for the aircraft when my eye caught the turbine blades , and then it all made sense, of course; no aircraft in sight, only Wind I blades. Later on, as I leaned against one of the houses in the neighborhood, I felt an unusual sensation best described as compression, coupled with a rhythmic vibration felt through my feet. Anyone who discredits, demeans and calls the affected turbine neighbors “crazy” hasn’t done his or her homework, in addition to being mean spirited. The homework is not difficult: stand in the turbine neighborhood for as long as I have and feel what happens to you. The sensations are real and disturbing. It is totally clear to me that I could not live within the radius of influence of the turbines, and I have no idea how the neighbors who are in the turbine area can sustain a healthy quality of life. Against the backdrop of what I have learned from personal experience with the effect of the turbines I see the Town of Falmouth trying to crush the residents impacted by the turbines.

  1. Let’s move on to sleep disturbance and sleep deprivation which is the bedrock of the area of medicine in which I have worked for 49 years! Sleep disturbance is not trivial matter, even though it has been trivialized by the Falmouth Board of Health. Children with inadequate sleep perform poorly academically, emotionally and physically (they present a higher than normal incidence of physical illnesses). For ANYONE (athletes, truck drivers, ship operators, aircraft pilots, lawyers and physicians, et al) sleep deprived and fatigued, errors in judgement increase, accident rates increase, in addition to physical and emotional symptoms and cognitive impairment. In the world of medical observation all varieties of illnesses are destabilized secondary to inadequate sleep: diabetic blood sugars become labile and erratic, cardiac rhythms become irregular, migraines erupt and increase in intensity, tissue healing is retarded, to list a few across the entire range of physical illnesses. Psychiatric problems intensify as the sleep deprived brain decompensates; mood disorders become more extreme and psychotic signs and symptoms more severe.

People with no previously identified psychiatric illness are destabilized by sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation experiments have repeatedly been terminated because test subjects become psychotic; they begin to hallucinate auditory and visual phenomena. They develop paranoid delusions. This all happens in the “normal” brain. Sleep deprivation has been used as an effective means of torture and a technique for extracting confessions.

I could work my way through 49 years of observing sleep disturbances and deprivation, but that is more than the scope of this letter. I am writing because I have witnessed Town of Falmouth officials and members of other boards trivialize symptom reports from people who are stalwart residents of the Town of Falmouth. I have witnessed attempts by town officials and other board members to discredit people whom I believe the wind turbines are hurting. Furthermore, all the Wind I neighbors I have examined are passionate about the need for sustainable energy in an effort to reduce fossil fuel dependence.

I see no honest way for the ZBA to issue a permit for the Falmouth wind turbines. Basically, as I see it, the town installed commercial wind generating power plants in residential neighborhood. Inappropriately permitting the illegally sited turbines will continue to impair the development of well-designed and properly sited wind turbines which are vitally needed.

Sincerely, William Hallstein, MD (36 South Road  Falmouth, MA 02540)




  1. David Moriarty  

    Unless you live under the blades yourself you really have no experience or expertise to have any credibility. I have just hung up the phone with one of my neighbors. She could not sleep because of the turbines here in Falmouth. After having no sleep on day she finally fell and broke her bip. She never recovered had to leave her home and now lives in a nursing home. The Town Manager in Falmouth Ma. won’t return her pbone calls. Some Town we turned out to be. Denial is very expensive and extremly harmful.


  2. Sherri Lange  

    Dave, the impacts are enormous. We feel for Falmouth! Sleep deprivation is torture, and leads to suicide ideation, to name one deadly impact. As Dr. Hallstein states, the victims ARE the instruments of measurement. Sadly.

    But the industry controls more than we realize. Some are saying that first level pre construction noise studies are completely controlled, some say doctored. Stay tuned for that big story. It is all coming out.

    Falmouth seems to be the epicenter of exaggerated experimentation. Most costly: they knew.


  3. Frank Haggerty  

    WW II Took 4 Yrs- Falmouth Wind Turbine Battle 6 Yrs Ongoing

    The United States fought World War II in 4 years -The Falmouth wind turbine battle has taken 6 years and is ongoing :

    Demonstration 2/27/16



    David Moriarty

    Date: Saturday February 27, 2016

    Time: 10 am

    Assembling at Falmouth Village Green, Falmouth, MA
    A Global Demonstration Against Industrial Wind Turbines
    Who: all concerned citizens

    This demonstration is intended to send a message to local, state, and federal and international governments that it is their duty and responsibility to protect and safeguard the health of the people of the world.

    The wind industry and the industrial wind turbine agenda through unrealistic government mandates has been given license to exceed the boundaries of human tolerance in the name of world wide tax-payer funded energy generation.

    The wind turbine victims have described this assault on them as infrasonic acoustical trespass. Some have even described it as ‘torture’.

    This kind of abuse can no longer be tolerated or ignored by our public officials.

    The purpose of the demonstration is to sound the alarm.

    The unregulated intentional harm to all men women and children living within wind turbine range will
    not go unchallenged.

    It is our hope that justice for the wind-turbine victims of Falmouth, MA will set the standards for people suffering this same injustice around the world.

    We urge everyone to help change this assault on humanity.

    All concerned citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend.


    “The Falmouth Experience” can be found anywhere in the world that wind turbine arrays have been installed. We don’t know how many have succumbed to the toxic impacts of infra-sound, how many households have been abandoned because they have become uninhabitable, how many birds have been chopped up by the blades, and just how much money has gone down the bottomless drain hole for public funds. This is just the beginning of a world awakening to the enormity of this fraud.

    The big question is; can the world survive this ravishment?


  4. Suzanne Albright  

    This is a powerful letter by Dr. Hallstein, and I know for a fact that there are people around the world who can attest to the torture he describes. Since when does a serious condition require a blood test, imaging study, biopsy, or other definitive test to prove its validity? What test diagnoses depression? Acute or chronic anxiety? Where is the blood test for bipolar disorder? There is none, but these are all valid medical conditions. Would the wind industry dare to deny the validity of ADHD? And yet, with Wind Turbine Syndrome, there is an identifiable cause! WHAT AM I MISSING HERE? Further, we know that ground vibration from industrial turbines drives invertebrates and other small animals away! Are they faking their inability to tolerate turbine effects?
    The only thing I disagree with is his statement that properly sited turbines are needed. We all know they are nothing more than a despicable money grab, sucking resources from taxpayers, ratepayers, communities. Further, no matter where they are erected, some living, breathing thing will suffer or die.


  5. Sherri Lange  

    Please everyone, show your support for this important protest.

    If you cannot attend in person, write a note to the organizers.

    Contact, as above. Dave Moriarty.


  6. Sherri Lange  

    Thanks, Suzanne. Yes. Sleep deprivation is torture. Victims around the world describe it so.

    What we often forget, well not us, but the people who support wind turbines, and who wish us to PROVE our medical effects, is that when we report something like a migraine to our family physician, he or she does not send us for cortisol testing, or MRI, or scans, or such. The symptoms recorded are LEGAL tender. The doctor’s notes about sincere patient reporting are LEGAL tender. Your comments point this out extremely well.


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  8. Sue Hobart  

    No one knows the impacts more directly than I. My beautiful home was toxified by the Webb Notus windturbine… the privately owned thus untouchable twin to Falmouths Wind 1.

    I was given no choice but to save my health and move. I lost my teeth from falling on my face due to disorientation ( NO alcohol, medications or other reason for my hands not automatically blocking my fall) at 2 and a half months exposure.

    Sleeplessness and dizziness with eye pain began at 3 months. Constant headaches at 4 months.

    At 5 months I went away for a week and all was better. Then came back to winter winds and turbines and the headaches , dizziness , night terrors and sleeplessness began with more vigor.

    It all escalated to unbeliebeable pain, NO sleep at all and frequent Migraines that knocked me flat.

    By summer I was in fear for my safety as I was working from home on scheduled events ( i am a wedding flower designer so you cant postpone working if your not feeling well!) Since i would often be a product of sleeping in my car in the Wall Mart parking lot and lots and lots of caffeine along with anti nausea meds and migraine pills.

    I did by the grace of God make it through the summer of 2011 but realized i would have to close my business for lack of a safe place to work and my ever escalating health issues if i stayed. My clients relied on me for years and years without incident and I was now unreliable…

    We built that house, designed it to perfectly suit our life and loved it. We had 6 acres of heaven , I planted several dozen hydrangea plants, every conceiveable type of tree, made the silo myself and buired 3 of my precious puppies in our hallowed ground.

    I could sit on my front porch and have my breakfast and did almost year round. I would sit and watch the stars bundled in a down blanket in the winter. I had sky lights over my bed and and a guest room with its own bath so people could come and feel free to stay. ( which they did)

    In spring of 2012 my heart let go of hope. I snapped , years of no sleep will do that to you… Long story short I end up in the psych hospital where my diagnosis is along the lines of “you’re not crazy but you sure are tired”

    My friend saved me by allowing me to sleep at her house for 7 months. We bought another place real cheap, we had to, we have 4 dogs we love. I spent the next year scraping crap off the floors and replacing kicked through doors and hacking through brush to see if there was anything under it in the new back yard. I never worked so hard to simply crate a safe place to sleep in my life.
    All this at 56 years old .

    All this time we are attempting to fight for our rights and losses against a Millionnaire silver spoon turbine owner that is “friends” with the town boards big time and has a fleet of the meanest bastard lawyers and letter writers on the planet.

    Life is unkind and Dan Webb, turbine owner is the unkindest of all. His lawyer happily shredded my life into small untrue pieces all the while with a sparkle in his eye and bits or spit coming from his slimy mouth. I have never been so abused and it was made very clear that he would do whatever it took to ruin us ….

    So we dumped the home we loved cheap with the first honest offer ( I wont mention the set up offer that was made where his lawyer got a hold of all the information….) and let it all go for good.

    We lost it all… we would have been mortgage free and happily heading into retirement this year but no. We are lodged up in a reasonable little place but nothing like what we had. We now have stairs everywhere and bad and replaced knees. I now need to rent space to do my wedding flowers which seriously cuts into my profit margins and takes me away form my husband and beloved puppies. I no longer have my cultivated soil to glean gorgeous flowers to use in my work.


    Oh well I do sleep now. I don’t have as many headaches. Im only moderately dizzy. I don’ t need a whole lot of medications.


    Hateful turbine , we are living proof… Of course the proof wont come util we are dead proof… but we have great faith that is WILL BE PROVEN. But what a shitty world.


  9. Sherri Lange  

    Sue, your story needs to be told and widely. Thankyou for sharing this in detail so people can understand the impacts more clearly. When the town KNEW, that is when it all should have instantly stopped. Criminal and willful negligence.


  10. Sherri Lange  

    Excerpts from NA-PAW EPAW joint letter of support for the February 27th, 2016 protest in Falmouth, Mass.

    We are reminding ourselves that as in Falmouth, withholding evidence, and using technology to advance corporate opportunities for the few, is obscene. As children’s author Bruce Coville said, “Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.”

    Withholding information: we have seen that in Germany, Denmark, Canada, the US, Australia….the list is interminable. And we are left with bogus health studies, concocted, contrived, using faulty systems and improper or perverse “expert advice.” They have promoted endless lies and misinformation: green dreams of zero carbon, and an end of fossil fuels, created really a WAR on fossil fuels, and told us we would have a cleaner earth, planet saving impacts, and jobs. The impacts of these lies have been deep and numbing: Do these government agencies, federal and state, KNOW the ill effects? It is clear that they do know. Have known for a very long time.

    ….. The failure is complete and beyond recognition. This is a failure we have not seen. It is insidious and cruel, and knows no boundaries of decency.

    But the advances in what we know and our PROOF, and our power to impart this to policy makers and enforcers, is also very real also. The Shirley Board of Health’s declaration of the Shirley Wind Project as a Human Health Hazard cannot be undone. Stephen Cooper’s (AU) blind control study is “in the can,” deeply respected, and will serve as template going forward. Every day there are turbine projects that fail to develop, run out of funds, or are pushed back by strong opposition. Brave and wonderful communities communicate around the world: we share our victories, our examples and our knowledge, and those circles are ever widening. There will be no more 20-30 years of “industry growing pains,” and no more acceptance of the words, “annoying,” or “annoyance” to describe what wind turbine victims feel of their torture. We are getting more vocal, more coordinated, and we know the industry is showing cracks.

    We will all showcase the failure of Falmouth to protect, to respond to repeated and sincere cries for assistance, and the failure of the State to adequately research and reflect on and STOP wind turbine torture. We will showcase ALL of these world level failures. Make examples of all those who have crushed democracy, and created a world level health pandemic, reduced property values, and God given enjoyment. Come election time, examples will be made.

    See the entire letter here.



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