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Windaction News Issue: September 25, 2013

By -- September 25, 2013

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Antelope Ridge wind farm withdrawn  – Sep 25
by Ted Sickinger in The Oregonian – Oregon
EDP’s project manager said the withdrawal was “100 percent a business decision. ” The company didn’t see a clear path to sell the power at this point. . more…
US clarifies PTC eligibility rules– Sep 24
by Patrick Smithin Wind Power Monthly – US

The new guidance indicates that any facility that is placed in service before 1 January 2016 will automatically be classified as having met the benchmark. more…
Councillors vote no on Atlantic Array wind farm – Sep 24
in BBC News – UK

Councillors in Torridge have withdrawn their support for the Atlantic Array project – a wind farm proposed off the North Devon coast.Earlier this month Torridge District Council voted not to raise objections. more…
Coalition to Congress: vote against PTC extension – Sep 24
in North American Windpower – US

“The wind energy industry clearly has little to show for 20 years of tax breaks. Congress should cut its losses and end this wasteful handout for the wind industry once and for all. more…
Judge rules against Viking wind farm – Sep 24
in Shetland News – UK

The Scottish government has failed to take proper account of its obligations under a key piece of European nature legislation when it gave the go-ahead for the 103 turbine Viking Energy wind farm. Lady Clark of Calton said the government had not “meaningfully engaged” with the Wild Birds Directive 2009. more…
Newark select board joins MET tower appeal – Sep 24
by Amy Ash Nixon in The Caledonian-Record – Vermont
The town’s select board has officially joined an appeal of the Vermont Public Service Board’s recent approval to allow four meteorological towers to be raised in Newark, Brighton and Ferdinand. more…
Tipton debating wind farm approval – Sep 23
by Ken de la Bastide in Kokomo Tribune – Indiana
The Tipton County Plan Commission is struggling to decide how to site future wind energy developments in the county. more…
Offaly County Council urges caution over turbines – Sep 23
in RTE News – Ireland
“Turbines likely to be proposed in the midlands are not of the scale normally proposed on-shore… noise modelling and prediction for the turbines is relatively untested.”Consequently a precautionary approach should be taken.”  more…
Keyser residents: wind farm threatens well-being – Sep 23
in Cumberland Times-News – West Virginia

The residents, who all live close to the wind farm, allege that the turbines and blades emit both low- and high-pitched noises, causing health and mental problems, including disturbed sleep, headaches, stomach issues, ringing in the ears. more…
Consumers face bill for power stations to be mothballed amid blackout fears – Sep 22
by Edward Malnick in The Telegraph – UK
In June, Ofgem warned that the risk of blackouts in 2015 had risen to one in four, if energy demand continued at its current level. Uncertainty around the amount of available electricity in 2015 and 2016 meant that it was “prudent” to consider keeping mothballed plants in reserve. more…
Wind energy export system might be too small – Sep 22
by Kevin Welch in Amarillo Globe-News – Texas
The $1.6 billion transmission system to take export Texas Panhandle wind power downstate is almost finished, but ERCOT already is looking at options in case all the announced wind farms are built. more…
Energy minister rejects higher offshore wind subsidies – Sep 22
by Emily Gosden in The Telegraph – UK
“Investors will always want more. We believe that what we have set will be sufficient to drive the necessary scale of investment.” more…
March of renewable energy – Sep 21
by Toby Meyjes in Western Morning News – UK
“Renewable energy does have a role but will only provide a small amount of our total energy needs. The proliferation of random wind turbines and field scale solar farms is having a detrimental effect on the Cornish countryside.” more…
Wind farm, solar chosen for state clean energy – Sep 21
by Brian Dowling in The Hartford Courant – New England
Energy officials acknowledged that the 400-some miles between Connecticut and the project in northern Maine poses a transmission concern. Last week, ISO-New England identified parts of northern New England with significant bottled-in energy.  more…
Infrastructure needed before wind turbines – Sep 21
by Kate Snyder in Rawlins Daily Times – Wyoming
What needs to happen first, however, is the infrastructure of the site. Without roads and a rail facility to transport parts and labor, there can be no wind farm, Choquette said. more…
E.ON addressing noise complaints – Sep 21
by Ken de la Bastide in Kokomo Tribune – Indiana
Melka said a June study found on May 20, the 50-decibel noise limit was exceeded by one turbine. “There was a potential turbine operating issue.” more…
Donald Trump declares wind power ‘obsolete’ – Sep 20
by Erica Rex in E&E News Europe – UK
Trump described [Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond] as “a man whose obsession with obsolete wind technology will destroy the magnificence and beauty of Scotland.” more…
3.5 mn euros seized from Mafia ‘wind-farm king’ – Sep 20
in ANSA.IT – Italy

Police said the money had been laundered. The operation followed up the biggest-ever assets seizure in the history of Italy in April, when over 1.3 billion euros belonging to wind-farm and solar-power magnate Vito Nicastri was taken. more…
Developer pulls plug on controversial wind farm – Sep 20
by Mark Del Franco in North American Windpower – Minnesota
Dan Juhl, a lifelong Minnesotan and founder of Juhl Energy, recalls the project being ill-conceived from the beginning. He says the project’s “novice” developers gave little thought to how a utility-scale wind farm would affect the fairly populated area. more…
Cape Vincent Wind likely to be sold by BP – Sep 20
by Jaegun Lee in Watertown Daily News – New York

“BP is seeking to divest its entire wind development portfolio to potential buyers that have the strategy and resources to continue to develop these projects.” more…
Lowell GMP, ANR reach deal on bat deaths – Sep 20
by Robin Smith in The Caledonian-Record – Vermont
GMP will also continue to follow its certificate of public good which requires voluntary curtailment of turbine operation during calm or nearly calm summer evenings when bats are out hunting.The agreement gave GMP a permit allowing a handful of bats to be killed at the wind project each year, with the understanding that more bats would be saved through the mitigation funding than lost at the wind project. more…
Falmouth turbine ‘solution’ requires state aid – Sep 19
by Sean F. Driscoll in Cape Cod Times – Massachusetts
If the state doesn’t bring financial aid to the table, the town’s latest attempt to balance its finances, a desire for clean energy and the comfort of the turbines’ neighbors could unravel.
German power premium most since ’98 tests voters: Energy markets – Sep 19
by Julia Mengewein & Stefan Nicola in Bloomberg News – Germany
Germany’s drive to increase renewable energy sources has created the biggest discrepancy between consumer and producer power prices in 15 years, turning the cost of electricity into a political battleground. more…
Mass Audubon delays planned turbine in Wellfleet – Sep 19
by Mary Ann Bragg in Cape Cod Times – Massachusetts
The Massachusetts Audubon Society has decided to rethink its strategy for raising a wind turbine at the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. more…
Germany’s effort at clean energy proves complex – Sep 19
by Gordon Welters in the New York Times – Germany
Last year, wind, solar and other nonfossil-fuel sources provided 22 percent of the power for Germany, but the country increased its carbon emissions over 2011 as oil- and coal-burning power plants had to close gaps in the evolving system. more…
Bristol couple seeks relief from turbine noise – Sep 19
by Christine O’Connor in EastbayRI – Rhode Island
“The noise from the turbine keeps us awake at night,” Mr. Alves said. “We can’t concentrate, we can’t sleep. It’s constant, and we’re just looking for relief.” more…
Wind farms project stalls in midst of green energy pricing vortex – Sep 19
by Sean McComish in The Standard – Australia
Nearly 100 wind turbines in south-west Victoria are facing delays because of national uncertainty around green energy. more…
Pressure builds on Coalition government for wind farms health study – Sep 18
by Sean McComish in The Standard – Australia
The Abbott government is eyeing stricter wind farm laws that could see round-the-clock monitoring of noise levels and a new investigation into the supposed health effects of wind turbines. more…
Oregon lawmakers question tax credits for Shepherds Flat – Sep 17
by Ted Sickinger in The Oregonian – Oregon
The director and staffers at the Oregon Department of Energy faced sharp questions from lawmakers at a Tuesday hearing regarding their approval of three separate $10 million tax credits for the Shepherds Flat wind farm in eastern Oregon. more…
Peregrine Falcon dead at Ivanpah solar plant – Sep 17
by Chris Clarke in ReWire – California
A member of California’s fastest-flying bird species was found mortally injured at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert. Found on the site still alive, the bird subsequently died of its injuries. more…
Visitors put off returning to Northumberland by prospect of turbines – Sep 16
by Brian Daniel in The Journal – UK
A survey was conducted for the second year in a row asking tourists whether those proposed turbines would impact on their likelihood of returning. Whereas last year 64% of respondents said turbines would adversely effect their choice of North Northumberland as a holiday destination, that figure increased to 76.9% in 2013. more…
Never Stops, Never Stops. Headache. Help – Sep 16
by Kristen French in New York Magazine – USA, Massachusetts
“It’s critical that we acknowledge wind-turbine syndrome,” said Roxanne Zak, head of the energy committee for the Massachusetts Sierra Club, an unlikely supporter, in her testimony that morning. “We’re derailing large wind projects, preventing wind legislation from being passed. We can’t dismiss the evidence that people are having problems.” Turbines are very effective in wide-open spaces, she said, but Massachusetts is not one of those places. more…
A setback for wind farms – Sep 15
by Tracy Moss in The News-Gazette – Illinois
Alt said there have been residents from within all the area wind farms voicing concerns with noise and other issues. He said not all their stories are the same, but they are close, and he can’t believe they are all making it up. The wind companies disagree with such claims, and board members have challenged them for proof.”And I can’t see why we should OK something that draws this much controversy from people who don’t have anything to do with them.” more…
Wind farm could kill dozens of endangered bats – Sep 14
by Bruce Schreiner in Associated Press – West Virginia

The operator of a southern West Virginia wind farm estimates that several dozen endangered bats could be killed by flying into turbine blades during a 25-year period, according to a federal review of the risks to the flying mammals.The estimated death toll comes as Beech Ridge Energy requests a permit under the federal Endangered Species Act. more…
Tribes lead fight against eagle ‘take’ permits  – Sep 13
by Phil Taylor in E&E News – USA

In May, the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest and largest national organization of tribal governments, along with attorneys representing Osage Nation and 20 Arizona tribes, met with the White House to discuss the agency’s eagle take rules …One month later, NCAI passed a resolution accusing the administration of failing to meaningfully consult with tribes as it pursues a rule to lengthen eagle take permits for wind farms. more…
Lake Michigan wind turbines violate ordinance – Sep 13
by Steve Begnoche in Ludington Daily News – Michigan
Consumers Energy will have to come up with a plan to mitigate noise from some of its 56 turbines in Lake Winds Energy Park, following a decision Thursday night by the Mason County Planning Commission that the turbines in question have violated the 45 decibel maximum noise standard. more…
Wind turbine permit denied – Sep 13
by Emily Clark  in Wicked Local Plymouth – Massachusetts
David Paliotti, an attorney representing Algonquin Heights, which is within 600 feet of the proposed turbine, said the turbine would cause his client’s property value to plummet, could cause serious health problems and would also be an eyesore. Kerry Kearney, who serves on the town’s Energy Committee, said the proposal is “the worst wind turbine site in the state.”more…
I’ve been proved right about height of Navitus Bay turbines – Sep 13
by Steven Smith in Daily Echo – UK
Mr Heasman said the turbines were drawn about 30 per cent smaller than they would actually be.Now, he has had a response from NBDL and its landscape architects LDA Design essentially admitting that he was correct, he says. more…


Wind Energy: Chalk It Up as a Loss – Sep 23
in Huffington Post – UK

There is enough credible evidence and enough of an opposition to end a policy of support for industrial wind energy. Yet still we see wind farms popping up all around the country.Isn’t it about time that we looked at all the evidence cumulatively? Isn’t it about time that we just chalked it up as a loss and tried something else? more…
Pursuing energy alternatives does not require accepting Northern Pass – Sep 21
in Boston Globe – New Hampshire

New Hampshire’s natural beauty is one of our region’s treasures, but that description does not come close to explaining what our natural resources mean to the Granite State. They are essential to our high quality of life, which helps attract talented people and new businesses to our state. …Like our New England neighbors, New Hampshire is working hard to reduce harmful fossil fuel emissions in order to clear the air and views of our great vistas. Why would we then sacrifice those views to miles and miles of towers? more…
Cramer: Renewables Religion Is Dangerous – Sep 17
in TheStreet.com – USA

It’s all coming together to use natural gas as a surface fuel except Washington only wants to talk about renewables and the importance of the government getting behind them, not unlike the Spanish thrust to do so, which almost bankrupted that state. The U.K. went that way too and it cost them mightily. …Mark my words, we are going to crucify our nation on a cross of renewables.It’s insanity. more…
Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils – Sep 12
in The Telegraph – Germany

Instead, the country has a ruinously expensive green dream, priced at €700bn (£590bn) from now until the late 2030s by environment minister Peter Altmaier if costs are slashed – and €1 trillion if they are not. The Germans are surely the most romantic nation on earth. more…


Court overrules approval of 457 MW wind facility – Sep 24
by Lady Clark of Calton – UK
This count ruling issued by Lady Clark of Calton overturns the April 4, 2012 decision by the Scottish Ministers to grant consent for the construction and operation of a 103 turbine (maximum generating capacity of 457 megawatts) Viking Wind facility. The Judge found that the Ministers failed to properly interpret… more
Dr. Alex Salt responds to AAAC position on wind turbine noise emissions – Sep 18
by Alec N. Salt PHd, Professor of Otolaryngology – Australia

In this letter to the Association of Australian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC), Dr. Alec Salt responds to the AAAC’s position on wind turbine emissions and infrasound. In particular, Dr. Salt admonishes the AAAC for insisting that low-frequency sound emitted by turbines is no higher than infrasound levels measured at locations where… more
WW&P cancels 900 MW wind project – Sep 16
by Ryan Fitzpatrick – Wyoming

Earlier in 2013, Wyoming Wind & Power LLC (WW&P) submitted an application to the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council seeking approval to construct and operate a 900 megawatt (300 turbine) facility in Platte, Goshen, Converse and Laramie counties. WW&P has canceled the project citing various reasons. A portion of the letter… more
Falmouth wind turbines and sleep deprivation: A psychiatrist weighs in – Sep 13
by William Hallstein, MD in Massachusetts

This letter, written by William Hallstein, MD, a practicing psychiatrist with over 40 years of experience, was delivered to the Chairman of the Falmouth Board of Health. Dr. Hallstein is also a resident of Falmouth Massachusetts. In his letter he explains the very real impact of the Falmouth turbines on… more


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  1. Lisa Linowes  

    Mr. Goggin, thanks for your question. Your point is valid. The primary reason news on NREL’s latest report was not posted is because we did not have time to read the study and better understand the methodology or the conditions under which the reported conclusions applied. There are at least 5 different, credible studies already released, including a study by Argonne National Labs, which appear to contradict the findings of NREL’s study. The more we understand this study in the context of the others that came before, the better informed our readers will be. Hope this helps.


  2. Michael Goggin, AWEA  

    Lisa, thanks for your reply. Please do dig into the NREL study – I am doing the same and have found no concerns with the methodology.

    Regarding the Argonne analysis, the facts about what that study actually found and the serious limits of the study’s methods are explained here. I’d be interested to see any peer-reviewed analyses that contradict the results of the NREL study.


  3. john  

    Mr. Goggin, what does (or who) does DE Shaw, Madison Dearborn and Greenhill and Co et. al. have in common? Especially in respect to the wind AND medical sectors. Please elaborate on the wind sector. I will do the rest later.



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