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Bush’s MMS gives the Kennedys a Parting Slap

By Kenneth P. Green -- January 16, 2009

Also in USA Today, it’s reported that the Mineral Management Service has given the green light to the Cape Wind project, which has been fought by the Kennedy’s as a visual blight from the giant Kennedy Compound. The MMS announced that it sees no major environmental problems with the project, which would take it one step closer to actual development.

Cape wind would put up about 130 windmills on about 25 square miles of ocean. The wind turbines would be 400 feet tall with a blade pointing upward. supposedly, Cape Wind could produce 75% of Cape Cod’s power demand, though my bet is they’re talking about installed capacity, rather than actual probable power generation from fickle winds). Fighting Cape Wind has been a family exercise for the Kennedys, with Robert Kennedy Jr. (Senior attorney at NRDC) joining up with Ted Kennedy to wage the fight.

Ah, renewables are all in good fun, until they’re in your back yard, or might interfere with your view of the annual family regatta.

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  1. paul  

    Can’t Obama’s new flunkies just reverse the order?


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