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Tax Farming Seminar for Renewable Energy

By James Rust -- May 20, 2014

“The relevant rules are highly technical, and this often means that investors, users, and developers – as well as less-specialized professionals – typically depend on the structuring advice of experts who often assume the ‘typical’ business deal and then provide general guidance …. [Tax-break recipients] may … fail to attend to important aspects, leaving money on the table or putting their ventures at the risk of IRS attacks.”

– EUCI, “In-Depth Tax Planning for Renewable Energy Projects,” June 9–10 Conference Description.

The energy industry conference group EUCI is hosting a two-day event next month in San Diego, “In-Depth Tax Planning for Renewable Energy Projects.” The complex topic with specially designed software and technical experts is advertised as follows:

Maximizing the benefits of tax incentives is vital in any renewable energy transaction, and whether a project “pencils out” generally turns on the efficient use of these incentives.