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“Stop These Things” (Australian website challenges a crony, anti-environmental industry)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- December 19, 2014

“Neither we nor our homes are threatened by wind turbines. We do not live in proximity to industrial wind power generation plants. We are independent but compassionate observers who have undertaken our own investigation. We think this issue is one of fairness and human rights.”

Numerous grass-root websites have sprung up in the last decade to challenge the government-driven industry of industrial wind turbines. In Australia, Stop These Things is a leader. Regular posts at this website update wind-related developments. Featured portals are Experts, These People Get It, and These People Don’t.

The About Section, reprinted below, describes a real environmental group that is against corporate welfare. With the religion of global warming, it is a shame that Stop These Things is not embraced as clean-and-green by more environmentalists in Australia.…