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Green Job Destruction: The Spain Study (Netting to negative via government)

By Kenneth P. Green -- April 10, 2009

As many of us have argued for some time, simple economic theory suggests that the government’s push to create “green jobs” will ultimately kill more jobs on net. While the theoretical argument is fully compelling, however, it’s nice to have hard data to show people that this particular theory plays out in reality.

That’s why this study, from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain should be kept handy (the report is in English).

After examining Spain’s experience with an aggressive wind-power program, the researchers concluded:…

Green Jobs: Making Society Poorer (Basic math can show interesting things)

By Donald Hertzmark -- April 6, 2009

A key element of the current administration’s approach to recovery from our current economic and financial crises is a fundamental reorientation of the kinds of work performed in our economy. But a proposed shift to “green” jobs in the name of well-paying, high-impact employment that cannot be outsourced overlooks the essential nature of how human labor fosters economic well-being.

Simply put, the key to prosperity is high productivity per worker. There is simply no other way to be rich unless you sit on top of a gold mine (or oil well) and have few mouths that need to feed off that source of wealth.

Discarding the vain hope that a nation of 300 million can live well off a raw materials-based economy, we are left with productivity as the wellspring of affluence.…