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Time to Test Climate Scare-and-Regulate? (Considering Ross McKitrick’s self-destruct clause)

By Chip Knappenberger -- April 1, 2009

The National Wildlife Federation released a report last week that began:

Overwhelming scientific evidence supports reducing carbon pollution* that causes global warming as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

Why such a stark verdict? Because…

Global warming is happening faster than predicted even several years ago, with many natural systems already seriously impacted.

This is an odd contention given that we are now in a multi-year period (12 years and counting) period during which time the global warming has been preceding much more slowly than the climate-model mean projections of the expected rate of temperature rise. And, what’s even worse (for the models anyway), is that the rate has now dipped near the lower bound of the 95% confidence range of model projections. If the slowdown continues much longer, it will be a clear indication that something is amiss with the temperature projections—and thus with alarming claims that depend upon them.…