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“The Future of Economic Freedom” (A corporate call to principled action)

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#r_donway">Roger Donway</a> -- November 2, 2010

[Editor note: In a sea of political capitalism and rent-seeking by corporations, it is refreshing to see a principled defense of capitalism from the business sector. This piece from the current issue of Discovery, the quarterly¬†publication of Koch Industries, Inc., is reprinted here in honor of today’s important elections.]

On Nov. 2, the United States will hold an important mid-term election.

At stake will be control of the U.S. Congress, 39 state governorships and thousands of other state and local offices.

High unemployment, record deficits, a sluggish economy and a swelling federal government have become flash point issues for millions of concerned Americans of every political persuasion.

For the nearly 50,000 Koch company employees in the United States, this election is an opportunity to help decide the future of economic freedom.…