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Response to ‘Peak Oil’ Critics (the hydrocarbon age is still young: plan accordingly)

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#m_lynch">Michael Lynch</a> -- August 31, 2009

[Editor note: Mr. Lynch’s op-ed in the New York Times last week stirred a good deal of  comment and disagreement from “peak oil” proponents. His response is here]

The publication of my op-ed on peak oil in the New York Times brought forth the usual tidal wave of criticism. The Oil Drum went so far as to put up a separate page for comments, and Joseph Romm issued a ‘challenge’ to me to wager on oil prices. (For an executed bet coming due next year, see the appendix below.)

Responding to each and every comment, or even the main ones, would be a Herculean (and Sisyphean) task, so I will (here) make some hopefully useful observations.

First, I apologize to Fatih Birol for lumping him in with the peak oil advocates.…