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Dear GOP: Don’t Rescue Obama Energy Policy with PTC Extension (lame duck peril)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- November 7, 2014

“Rejecting efforts to extend the PTC is a meaningful way for this Congress to oppose the President’s climate plan. A vote for extending the PTC is a vote for the President and the Majority Leader’s agenda.”

It seems almost counterintuitive to tell Republicans not to hand Obama and the environmental Left a big victory before taking power in both houses of Congress in the new year. But intense lobbying by the American Wind Energy Association over many years has created inertia. Government goes to those who show up, and AWEA has shown up and poisoned the Republican well.

Is it business as usual for the Republican political brand? Or a new beginning, given the election mandate of November 4th? The lame duck tax extenders issue (wind power’s Production Tax Credit expired on December 31, 2013) will tell us much.…