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Preferential/Political Dispatch: Rigging the Market Against Baseload Energy

By Donn Dears -- November 13, 2017

“‘Deregulated’ markets have introduced a mechanism that virtually always selects wind and solar over coal, natural gas, or nuclear powerWhether this was a deliberate effort to favor wind and solar to cut CO2 emissions to combat global warming is unknown, but the effect of preferential dispatching has been to close fossil fuel power plants, as well as nuclear plants.”

The preferential dispatch system used by many RTO/ISO grid operators favors wind and solar to the exclusion of critical baseload power from fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.

Preferential dispatching is destructive because it results in the closure of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants–the reliable and scale economy energies that form the backbone of the modern electricity grid.

It could also be called discriminatory because it discriminates against baseload power.…