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The All-Electric Car: Think 132-Year Payback (DOE’s Sandalow shows us what not to do)

By Patrick Barron -- October 19, 2010

“When David Sandalow writes about energy and the environment, we should all pay close attention.”

– Al Gore endorsement, 2007

The term energy encompasses a plethora of technologies, and each attracts the gimlet eye of Big Brother.

In recent years environmental groups have been very successful in insinuating themselves into the halls of government so that today there is a revolving door between government and the environmental movement. And it’s just like the revolving door between the government and other key industries, such as banking and the military-industrial complex.

Government would have us believe that a new regulation is the result of some great, objective, and careful investigation. But mostly these regulations and spending programs are foisted upon us by the people who only yesterday were nothing more than lobbyists for some fervently held cause.…