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Economic/Environmental Assessment of Grid-Tied Photovoltaics: Arizona Lessons for the U.S.

By David Bergeron -- June 7, 2010

[Editor note: David Bergeron is president of SunDanzer Development, Inc., a solar energy company located in Tucson AZ. This is his first post at MasterResource.  More information on him and his company is provided at the end of this post.]

The proponents of the Arizona Renewable Energy Standards (RES) make various claims in order to promote grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity. Unfortunately, the use of grid-tied solar PV is unlikely to accomplish any of the objectives suggested by its proponents. Specifically, 

  • It will not create jobs in Arizona;
  • It will not reduce global warming;
  • It will not reduce electricity prices;
  • It will not reduce our dependence on imported oil; and
  • It will not position Arizona to be a leader in renewable energy.

Furthermore, there is a good chance that the RES will have outcomes that are directly opposite its intended effects.…