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Glenn Schleede’s (Polite) Reality Check to an Idealistic DOE Intern

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- August 12, 2014

At Breaking Energy, a blog site posting U.S. Department of Energy feed, an (unnamed) intern wrote a post last Friday,How I Energized My Summer: An Intern’s Inside Look at the Department of Energy.”

“In Public Affairs,” he or she said, “our job is to help explain the work of the Department, the Secretary and, ultimately, the President.” Continuing:

Whether it’s making an announcement on improving efficiency standards for furnace fans or releasing information on new carbon capture technology, my office is working to craft and deliver these messages. We also answer press calls coming in from across the country, helping the media disseminate our information to people near and far from the nation’s capital.

“Internships are often thought of as a career vehicle, meant to lift you into your post-graduate life,” the conclusion began.