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Is Al Gore the Re-incarnation of the Xhosa Prophetess Nongqawuse?

By Gail Heroit -- July 11, 2009

I don’t know much about global warming.  But I do know something about the dangers of precipitous action, especially when its advocates appear to be caught up in something akin to religious fervor.  My instincts run towards stop, take a deep breath, and be absolutely sure that you’re not about to put the world’s economy in a stranglehold just to please the people who despise modernity.

That’s why I was both heartened and disheartened when I read, some time ago, Dana Milbank’s Washington Sketch column in the Washington Post, “With All Due Respect, We’re Doomed.”  He gave an account of Al Gore’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where apparently he was treated like a prophet.  Quoth the tongue-in-cheek Milbank:

The lawmakers gazed in awe at the figure before them.