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Health Canada Windpower Study: Playing Politics (Grubered up North)

By <a class="post-author" href="/about#llinowes">Lisa Linowes</a> -- November 18, 2014

“The Canadian government is correct that there is a need to understand ‘the potential health impacts and community concerns that underscore public resistance’ to wind energy. But Canadians and others will not be Grubered by phony studies.”

The Canadian government is trying to ‘Gruber’ [1] its residents on wind turbine noise. It will not work.

This story dates back two years ago when community resistance to industrial wind energy was impeding the expansion of projects in Canada’s rural areas, especially in Ontario. Turbine noise and the impact on human health were of primary concern for residents and for good reason. Documented cases of home abandonments to escape the ‘whoosh-thump’ of the blades were piling up (see here, here and here).…