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Energy Tax Reform: Scrap the Baucus Proposal (Part I: Summary & Conclusions)

By Glenn Schleede -- January 16, 2014

“Clearly, the wind industry would be a huge beneficiary of [this] proposed tax break scheme…. Almost certainly, lobbyists for the wind industry were heavily involved in the drafting of the Committee’s proposal…. It’s time for the Congress to consider the national interest, including the interests of citizens, taxpayers, and electric customers, before again extending tax breaks for the wind industry.”

MEMORANDUM FOR: Chairman and Members the Senate Finance Committee

SUBJECT: Energy Tax Break Proposal announced on December 18, 2013,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the December 18, 2013, Staff Discussion Draft of the Senate Finance Committee’s Energy Tax Reform proposal.

Your proposal to repeal all existing renewable energy tax breaks is a good one and it should proceed. Your proposal to adopt a new renewable energy tax break scheme should be scrapped.