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Joe Romm UAH Temperature Update (versus September 2017)

By Joe Romm -- February 8, 2018

[Editor Note: Last October, Joe Romm at ThinkProgress published a post, September sets alarming global temperature record and negates a favorite denier talking point. In his words: “September 2017 smashed multiple climate records, alarming scientists and further negating a favorite talking point of climate science deniers.” In this post, Romm updates readers on recent monthly temperatures in light of the ‘global lukewarming’ position.]


  1. E. Calvin Beisner  

    LOL! If Romm were honest and driven by data rather than by his Progressivist hunger to rule everyone else, he’d have reported that the cooling over the last two months falsify the warmists’ claims, just as he claimed the warming over August and September validated them. In reality, both a one-month drop of 0.15 deg. C in global temperature and a one-month drop of 0.38 deg. C in tropical temperature are stastically insignificant to long-term global temperature trends, even though the latter is indeed the third-biggest in the (satellite) record (which goes back a whole 39 years!). What is significant is that the linear global average temperature trend from 1979–January 2018 remains 0.13 deg. C per decade, which is about 1/2 to 1/3 that simulated by the models on which climate alarmists rely.

    Nonetheless, unlike lots of climate alarmists who make a big thing out of any upward nudge in global average temperature, we won’t make a big deal about this downward nudge.

    Thanks for citing my piece, Rob.


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