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“Power the Future” (new pro-worker group joins consumer, taxpayer energy groups)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- August 11, 2020

“We are the voice of energy workers pushing back on radical green groups and the ideologues who fund them.”

In February 2018, the 501c4 advocacy group Power the Future joined the energy-policy fray on the side of consumer-chosen, taxpayer-neutral energies. Think oil and gas in particular. Coal too.

By way of introduction, I have copied material from their website for interested readers.

What We Believe

Four pillars:

  • America is blessed with abundant and reliable energy sources that have been the lifeblood of our national advancement and prosperity.
  • We must be generous stewards of our environment for this and future generations.
  • Sharing facts (about energy policies, organizations and activists) creates a better-informed population.
  • We can have the highest quality of life and the cleanest, most cared for environment.

The Means

We carry out these beliefs by disseminating research, sharing facts and truths, engaging at the local level and interacting with the media. With so many loud voices in the energy conversation, ours will highlight truth, unmask agendas, expose hypocrisy and reduce hyperbole.

Our work is dedicated to the men and women who “power the future” through their hard work, sweat, determination and grit. Every time we turn on a light or start up our car, whether consciously or not, we are acknowledging your labor and we say thank you.

The founder and executive director is Daniel Turner (see his most recent op-ed here). The Western States Director is Larry Behrens; The Alaska Director is Rick Whitbeck. A variety of media hits has been achieved to date for this young organization.

DeSmog Blog Accolades

A vote of confidence for Power the Future (PF) comes an attempted expose from DeSmog Blog (see our previous posts on DeSmog here), which identifies PF for what it is: a pro-consumer, pro-entrepreneur, fact-based organization. Some DeSmog quotations:

  • Turner told E&E News that the “focus of the group is on ‘telling the story of the men and women in the energy space … which has been villainized by the environmental left.'”
  • Daniel Turner told E&E News he had raised “several million dollars” in seed funding from donors that “care deeply about the energy industry from a national perspective, and they care about the activism of these well-organized, ridiculously well-funded groups and the damage they do to our national conversation.”
  • Daniel Turner wrote an article at Real Clear Energy suggesting Bernie Sanders’ plan to increase the role of green energy as “discriminatory (and dare I say it? Can I say it? Racist).”
  • “Going green costs people a lot of money, and it targets underprivileged communities most of all,” Turner claimed. He concluded: “Bernie’s campaign is done. His terrible, expensive, even deadly ideas live on. And we as a nation are no better for it.”

If this sounds good, clap your hands.


Free-market-oriented energy groups are vastly outspent and outnumbered by the Progressive Left that wants to make energy more expensive and more scarce to “save the planet.” Groups like Power the Future, as well as the traditional think tanks like the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heartland Institute, and the Institute for Energy Research, are carrying the flag of energy prosperity and optimism future for energy-rich societies.

Every voice is needed; support one and all.

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