‘Sensing but not Hearing’: Latest from Steven Cooper on Wind Turbine Nuisance (Part 1)

By Sherri Lange -- November 5, 2019 11 Comments

“But wind turbine noise issues are not just an acoustic issue. I have been trying to solve the acoustic problem to allow the medical side to then undertake the required research.” (Cooper, below)

Last year, I interviewed acoustician Steven Cooper, AU on wind turbine health issues related to pulsation and low-frequency noise. “In general, wind farm applications claim that turbines do not generate any low-frequency, tonal, or impulsive characteristics,” he noted, “which is a matter disputed by residential receivers.”

What has developed in the last 20 months? In this two-part series (today and tomorrow), Mr. Cooper shares his most recent research and findings, which complement our current knowledge regarding the nature of “noise” impacts to real-time victims of wind power.

Mr. Cooper recently presented his new findings in Germany at the International Congress on Acoustics Conference.

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Sierra Club Chickens on Wind Infrasound (deep-six commissioned study)

By Donald Deever -- October 17, 2019 6 Comments

“Please note: Desert Report editors have retracted ‘The Silent Menace’ articles from both the June and September issues; our forthcoming December issue will cover the reasons why.” When the retraction took place during the second week of September, they hadn’t found an official excuse yet that they were comfortable publishing as an explanation….

… the formerly controversial topic of potential infrasound hazards associated with industrial wind turbines had been demonstrated by enough prestigious studies to be harmful beyond any level of doubt. As an environmental tribunal in Ontario, Canada officially explained, the issue was no longer one that questioned the harm but had evolved into a question of the degree of harm that industrial wind turbine–generated infrasound causes.

One of Murphy’s Laws states, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Along those lines, after working without any compensation for months to uncover the most revealing, current scholarly studies, and thought-provoking news reports on the known health hazards associated with infrasound from industrial wind turbines, a two-part series of articles that was written at the Sierra Club’s request was suddenly retracted from one of their club’s magazines.

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Wind Turbine Infrasound Findings: Part II

By Donald Deever -- October 10, 2019 3 Comments

Ed. note: Part II of this essay was published in the September 2019 issue of Desert Report, the magazine of the Sierra Club of California and the Nevada Desert Committee. (Part I was posted yesterday.) On Thursday (10/17), Dr. Deever will report on the subsequent developments with his study.

The Silent Menace (When it comes to wind-turbine infrasound, what you can’t hear can hurt you)

“The key to researching the dangers of wind turbines then is to research what is already known about the health effects of infrasound (low frequency noise) to exposed subjects in fields such as aviation, and to study the symptoms and sources of Vibroacoustic Diseases in general.”

Infrasound is classified as any noise with frequencies less than 20 Hertz (twenty cycles per second), the typical lower limit of human hearing.

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Wind Turbine Infrasound Findings: Part I

By Donald Deever -- October 9, 2019 1 Comment

Ed. note: This essay was published in the June 2019 issue of Desert Report, published by the Sierra Club of California and the Nevada Desert Committee. (Part II will be posted tomorrow.) On Thursday (10/17), Dr. Deever will report on the subsequent events at the magazine casting doubt on his overview.

THE SILENT MENACE (When it comes to wind-turbine infrasound, what you can’t hear can hurt you)

” … infrasound noise can travel over much longer distances than previously admitted by the wind energy industry. Moreover, the intensity of potentially harmful levels of infrasound vibrations do not dissipate as quickly as formerly believed.”

Sci-fi fans remember the tagline from the Alien movie poster, which ominously declared, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Likewise, research on the infrasound frequencies produced by industrial wind turbine blades is increasingly providing proof that what you can’t hear can hurt you.

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