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Energy & Environmental Review: May 13, 2024

By -- May 13, 2024

Ed. Note: This post excerpts energy and climate material from the Media Balance Newsletter, a free fortnightly published by physicist John Droz Jr., founder of the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions. The complete Newsletter for this post can be found here.

Greed Energy Economics:
Biden’s Green-Energy Price Shock
Economic Reality vs. Fraudulent Fantasy

Unreliables (General):
*** FL Bill awaiting DeSantis’ OK would end years of renewable energy policies
*** What Energy Transition?
*** A green embargo by China will trigger a financial crisis that will implode the US economy!
NY County towns file lawsuit against N.Y. over solar, wind farm tax methods

Wind Energy — Offshore:
*** NOAA Permits Wind Energy Operators to Harass and Kill Whales
*** Short Video: 1241 Wind Turbines Planned to Fence in the New Jersey Coast
*** Pile Driving Noise Survey: Technical Report
*** Study: ’Wake effect’ could drain 38% of offshore wind power
Offshore wind is gearing up to bulldoze the ocean
Dominion Energy wind project construction delayed by injunction issued by federal judge
British government to allow oil and gas exploration at sites intended for offshore wind

Wind Energy — Other:
*** Taking the Wind Out of Climate Change (referencing 60± studies)
*** Once Unthinkable Nuclear Plant Revival Is a Reality in US Shift
*** ‘Gambling With The Grid’: New Data Highlights Achilles’ Heel Of One Of Biden’s Favorite Green Power Sources

Solar Energy:
*** Storm destroys the world’s largest floating Solar Panel Farm
*** German solar industry collapsing: unable to make solar panels from solar power
Why is solar panel manufacturing impossible without coal?

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Wind Turbine-related Radiation

By -- May 10, 2024

“Lobbyists and other politically correct parties paint industrial wind energy as “free, clean, and green.” With no consequences for lying, is it any wonder that we are drowning in dishonesty?”

This is the last in a series I’ve posted about radiation and some of our energy sources. It started with a commentary arguing that there are good reasons to categorize Nuclear power as a “renewable” source of electrical energy. Next was Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 1 (which outlined radiation from normal nuclear power operations, waste, and misc). Then there was Nuclear Power Radiation — Part 2, which briefly covered the rest of the well-known nuclear radiation possibilities.

Here I will give a quickie overview of a radiation source that most people have never heard about. Lobbyists and other politically correct parties paint industrial wind energy as “free, clean, and green.”…

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Alarmism Now – and Then (Modern Malthusianism in its 6th Decade)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 9, 2024

“Many people think that the threat of ‘global warming’ arose only towards the end of the twentieth century…. Climate change, either natural or anthropogenic, has been discussed from the classical age onwards, evolving from the expected benefits of climate engineering to today’s fear of global disaster.”

– Hans von Storch and Nico Stehr, “Climate Change in Perspective,” Nature, June 8, 2000, p. 615

It is all gloom, what Michael Mann cautioned against as “doomism.”[1] Such alarm has been the mainstream narrative—and wrong—since the 1960s. And warnings about how exaggeration can backfire (New York Times: “In Climate Debate, Exaggeration Is a Pitfall“) have been thrown to the wind in the futile, costly pursuit of Net Zero.

This post presents the climate alarm quotations of today with the quotations from Paul Ehrlich and the Club of Rome in the late 1960s/early 1970s for historical perspective.…

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Alaska Energy Future Needs Informed Voters (gas, hydro under political assault)

By -- May 8, 2024
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Global Cooling and a New Ice Age: Never Forget (humility required in science, change)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 7, 2024
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Power Political Monopoly: Bottom Lines

By Jim Clarkson -- May 6, 2024
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Adaptation to Heat: Then and Now

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 3, 2024
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Permanent Subsidy? Industrial Wind’s PTC (14 Extensions)

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 2, 2024
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PhD “Data/Climate Scientist” Can’t Provide Data on Extreme Weather Events

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- May 1, 2024
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Politico: Populist Backlash Against Climate Policy is Here

By Robert Bradley Jr. -- April 30, 2024
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